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Jason Rouse

Jason Rouse

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 18:50

Marauders Season Preview

The Minnesota Marauders are coming off a great season where they found themselves winning the division and making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. The team has made great strides in the past 2 seasons under, GM Jason Rouse, who has come in and completely changed the atmosphere to a winning culture. Once again pundits around the league have the Marauders finishing towards the bottom of the division which shows the lack of respect for this Minnesota franchise. This team has flourished as the underdog and let's hope they use this as motivation to prove everybody wrong once again. That being said, this team is super young and need the to step up or else it'll be no playoffs for them. GM Rouse spoke...

"We are very excited to get the season rolling and I believe once head coach Byron Davis dials in the lineup we'll be a hard team to beat. Last season, we came flying out of the gates on absolute fire and then cooled off for the rest of the season, we need to pace ourselves and become more consistent throughout the year. That comes with experience which we lack so the veterans that we do have need to step up and mentor these youngsters every chance they get. I believe we are a playoff team but an injury here or there and/or lack of team chemistry could put us in the lottery. Davis has his hands full right now trying to figure out a way to mesh this lineup to get the most production possible."

Coach Davis, was a long time assistant with the Anaheim Archers where he won 1 championship and made it to the Conference Finals 2 other times. The Marauders play a similar run and gun fast-paced style of offense so it was a no brainer to hire 45-year-old Davis, who can bring much needed knowledge to this franchise. Ironically, the Archers GM Eric Stelle hired long time Marauders coach Layne Hensley after last season to a 4 year $20 million contract which this team couldn't afford. Hensley, was with Minnesota for 5 seasons where he had his ups and downs but turned things around in 2024 before leaving. Coach Dallas Todd had to leave the franchise for personal reasons and sources have said he's at a Betty Ford Clinic to get treatment for abusing alcoholic beverages along with opioids on a nightly basis.

Let's meet some of the Marauders 2024 roster...


C Ervin Holmes

The big man and team captain re-signed with the team this past off-season to a 5 year contract worth around 17.5 million per season. The 4 time All-Defensive First Team Center including the past 3 seasons is the rock of the team and without him they would be in big trouble. He came off a great season leading the league in rebounds but somehow was left at the All-Star team which he has only made once.

PF Tony Pence

The fan favorite and people's champion probably had the best off-season of anybody on the roster as he has came into camps in peak physical condition and also has added a few more moves to his repertoire on offense. The best passing big in the league signed a contract extension during last season which will keep him here for 4 more years.

SF Andrew Evans

Finally, the former 3rd overall pick in the 2024 draft will get quality minutes as the last 2 seasons he's been used sparingly because his lack of defense and ball handling. He's definitely the teams wildcard going into the year and players on the team think he's good for 20 points per game. The front office has gone all in on him and have tried to place players around him that will complement his game and deficiencies.

SG Andrew Lawler

A 3 point assassin a year ago shooting 49% from behind the arc and was named OBWL Most Improved Player. Also, he made the All-Star team for the first time and also was named All-League 3rd team. He had a rough off-season dealing with nagging injuries and didn't have the best of camps but the team still has high hopes that he can repeat last year's performance.

PG Larry O'brien

This was the teams best free agent acquisition this off-season and brings much needed leadership to the squad, as of right now he has won the starting job. The Marauders brought him in to handle the rock and don't necessarily need him to put up a bunch of points but will take whatever they can get from him. He's been underestimated for 5 seasons playing with 5 different teams after his glory years in Seattle where he was a starter and won a championship.

Bench Players:

C Hector Briley

The team 2nd best free-agent transaction and a very important part to this year's team. Right now he's being asked to play both positions down low and to focus on defense and rebounding. This will be the first time in his career where he'll get quality minutes so we'll see if he can stay in the rotation or not.

PF Darrin Weisman

The former first rounder in the 2025 draft only averaged 7.3 minutes per game and 68 games with the team last season. He's a rebounding machine but lacks post defense but can block the occasional shot. It seems like the coaching staff wants to take off his training wheels this season but will slowly work him into the lineup so expect to see the 22-year-old more on the court.

SF Harold Hostetler

The #26 pick in this year's draft and where the team traded next year's first rounder for the Inferno's first rounder this past draft.  He was brought in to do one thing and that is to play defense backing up Evans who's allergic to D. If the move backfires and the Marauders find themselves out of the playoffs and into the lottery, many will be revisiting this trade including me.

SG Jame Trotman

The #23 pick in this year's draft will be fighting for minutes at the backup shooting guard position. The coaching staff has expressed that they could go with several options for the spot right now so he's not guaranteed to see minutes this season. He was brought in to play great perimeter D and to hopefully be able to knock down some outside shots.

PG Preston Braun

The former Iowa Hawkeye spent his rookie season with one of the best franchises in the league, the Kansas City Pioneers. I really like this kid and think he can be productive at either PG or SG, but most likely will play minutes at both positions.  He can knock down the 3 pointer as he shot 34% from behind the arc a year ago. Also, he can handle the rock and play solid perimeter D.

SF Rubin Davis

He was the 12th pick overall in the 2025 draft and came over in the deal which sent Wallace Briseno to the hated Boston Turkey Vultures. Only 20 years old and is a very raw prospect right now so you'll find him playing in the D league once again.

SG Noel Black

Another piece that came over in the Boston trade and he's fighting hard to make the team's opening day roster. His game is similar to Evans as they are both super athletic and should have no problem getting to the basket anytime he wants. Absolutely no ball handling skills but can play a little better D than Evans. You can see him at either SG or SF and the coaching staff is trying to figure out a way to get him some minutes.

PG Francis Ellender

The former #5 pick in the 2025 draft and who started all 80 games for the team last year will find himself playing backup minutes at PG. The team struggled at times last season with, Ellender, running the point so they went out and grabbed O'Brien who's less turnover prone and can play a little bit of post D. Hopefully, Francis can learn from him and grow into the leader that we want him to be in the near future.


PF Darrick Chick
PF Chris Patten
PF Chris Hauck

The journeymen bigs will most likely be fighting it out for the last 2 roster spots.

The big question is... Is this team good enough to repeat last year's accomplishments?

They will count on the scoring of Pence, Evans and Lawler to carry them on the offensive side of the ball. Holmes and O'Brien must take on a role of being mentors to show all these youngsters how to be a professional basketball player.  I believe the Starting 5 is better than last year's even after losing SF Joey Short. They are a deeper team than a year ago but less experienced so will need some breakout years from multiple players off the bench. I doubt they can repeat as division champs but I got them penciled in as a playoff team. Marauders fans are more than excited to get this season rolling as season ticket sales are on the rise for the 2nd straight year. Let's hope these guys can stay healthy and make the playoffs for the 3rd straight season.

Sunday, 10 November 2019 15:11

Game 7, Pence Out

The South Florida Sharks took game 6 outscoring the Marauders 117-113, evening this series up at 3-3 which sets up a game 7 showdown in Minneapolis. It's been one heck of a series with plenty of offense for both teams entertaining fans throughout the OBWL world. The Sharks have won all 3 games by 8 points or less continuing their streak versus the Marauders during the season winning close games. The Marauders are very young and need to find a way to win these games late in the 4th quarter. It's not going to be easy for them in game 7 as Tony "Big Show" Pence is out for the remainder of the series with patellar tendanitis and will miss approximately 2 weeks of action.

Fans and teammates have grown to absolutely love, Pence, who just recently signed an extension for $72,480,248 over 4 years. They call him the "Big Show" as he tends to have his biggest games when the team needs him most. Also, he's the best big man passer in the game and entertains fans nightly on his highlight reel passes and his craftiness down low making defenders look silly. He was having a monster series averaging 21.8 points, 5.9 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game while shooting 48%. He also got to the line for 47 free-throw attempts so far in the series which by far leads the team. The big question is can this team win without one of their Big 3 members? Coach Dallas Todd spoke...

"Everyone's moping around here like somebody died and we got a game 7 to play. We have one game at home to move on the 2nd round and that's got 100% of my focus and not the injury to Pence.  Yeah it sucks that he's out but that's basketball for you, not everything is going to go your way all the time. It's time for the bench to step up as we desperately need them to contribute. I have 100% confidence in this team and if we play like one we'll move on to the next round."

Thursday, 31 October 2019 17:54

Division up for Grabs

With just 4 games to play in the season the Minnesota Marauders find themselves just a half game ahead of the Honolulu Inferno for the division title. With 4 losses they could find themselves as low as a #7 seed so these last 4 games are huge and it won't be easy.

at Inferno

Not one easy game left so they better be bringing their A game or else they'll find themselves on the road the opening round of the playoffs. The final game of the season is at the Inferno which could decide the division but the Marauders have the harder schedule left between the 2 teams. The Inferno have lost 6 straight games which has put this team back in the driver seat for now but no one expects Honolulu to keep losing.

It's been a major struggle the 2nd half of the season for the Marauders who are under .500 after their torrid start to the season. The defense has really under performed of late and to shake things up coach Dallas Todd made a lineup change. He brought big man Ronald long off the bench to start at PF, moved Tony Pence to SF and now Joey Short is coming off the bench to backup the SG/SF positions. The team is 4-3 with the new lineup so far and the verdict is still out if this move will improve the team.

It will be a major disappointment if this team can't at the very least hold onto the #4 seed. Last season, they snuck into the playoffs through the backdoor on the final night of the regular season to grab the #8 seed. Can this team create some magic these last 4 games?

The keys to success are simple... Andrew Lawler needs to show up every game to give the team an outside threat. Need to hit their free throws which has been a struggle the entire season. Protect the rim on defense as they've been given up way too many easy layups. So, if those 3 areas are checkmarked after every game there's a good chance you'll see a W in the box score.

Monday, 09 September 2019 11:39

So far so Good

It's been a great start to the season so far for the Minnesota Marauders who are
leading the division by 1 game over the Inferno.  They've been a huge surprise to
the entire league & also to the pundits who had them penciled in at 4th place in
the division. You can call them road warriors where they have gone 12-2 compared
to only 9-4 at home. Fans that gave up on the franchise before GM Rouse took over
are coming back to see this young team ball. Rouse spoke...

"It's still early in the season so nothing has been accomplished at all. We have
53 games on the schedule & if the team relaxes now we'll drop fast in the uber
talented National Conference. Head Coach Dallas Todd deserves a lot of the credit
by changing up the offense to run run run."

The Marauders lead the league in ppg at 110 while shooting almost 40% from 3
which also is tops in the league. Last season the team was in the bottom 3 so a
giant improvement to say the least. SG Andrew Lawler is hitting a scorching 53%
which is higher than his FG% at 51%. He's having a breakout year to say the least
& we should see him at All-Star weekend where he'll most likely be in the 3 point

Rookie PG Francis Ellender has been a great addition filling a major hole &
excelling so far this young season. He's already collected 2 Rookie of the Month
awards and more are expected throughout the season. He's averaging
14ppg/7.4apg/4rpb & his early season struggles shooting the ball seems to be over
with. He leads the team playing nearly 40mpg so will he break down later in the

Almost everyone on the team is shooting a career high so a lot of that credit
goes to Coach & his up tempo offense. Hopefully this will last but with a young
team you just don't know if they'll keep up the consistency that you need
throughout an entire season. Now the new year brings higher expectations and
we'll find out if their the real deal or a flash in the pan.

Wednesday, 07 August 2019 17:16

Take 2

The Minnesota Marauders are ready to kick off their 2nd season with GM Jason Rouse under the helm. Last year they shocked the OBWL world by making the playoffs via the tiebreaker on the final day of the season. This season expectations have grown exponentially as fans expect them to make the playoffs and some even believe they will compete for the division. This team is still super young and a playoff spot is not guaranteed so it will be interesting to see this team's progression. The Marauders brings back 10 players from a year ago along with a couple veterans in free agency and 3 players out of the draft. Let's take a look at the projected starting 5...

C   Ervin Holmes---28
PF Tony Pence---26
SF Joey Short---26
SG Andrew Lawler---25
PG Frankie "Don't call me Francis" Ellender---20

Holmes is coming off of a career year and has taken over the leadership role in the locker room and on the court. He made his first All-Star appearance, took home his 3rd all defensive team award and made the 3rd string all-league team. Pence, at the young age of 26 is looking to go to the next level with his game. He shot 53% from the field during the preseason but you have to take that with a grain of salt as you play against a lot of rookies or backups. The next man up is Mr. Joey Short who's athleticism has made him a dangerous player and draws a ton of fouls taking the ball to the hoop. Pence has a similar game but the downfall of those 2 is terrible free throw shooting which can give the coach fits throughout the season.

SG Lawler at the young age of 25 will step into a starting role for the first time in Minnesota. He's key to our success as we struggle from the outside and he's by far the best in that department. Sources have explained to me that they are having a tough time getting him to be more selfish and launch more shots. Finally, we got the #5 overall pick in PG Ellender and he looks like he can definitely run this team as a starter. He had a solid preseason and add in his defense it easily makes him a starter. We are very thin at the PG position so hopefully he can stay healthy throughout the season. Let's take a look at the 2nd team...

C   Ronald Long---32
PF Weisman---21
SF Andrew Evans---19
SG George Ellis---31
PG Hollis Warren---33

The big surprise is the #19 pick overall slides into the 2nd team for now as he had a great preseason. Evans is a wildcard as he is very productive on the offensive side of things but defense he's basically nonexistent. As he grows older his offense should outweigh his lack of defense. C Long comes back to Minnesota where the fans have booed him mercilessly for leaving them high and dry in free agency in 2020. Ellis will be by far the best production off of the bench as he could score in bunches and plays solid defense. The rest...

C   Wallace Briseno
SF Dirk Kendall
PG Dorian Geis
PG Albert Mitchell
SG Simon Barrier

Out of this group Briseno is the only one that gets playing time and the coaching staff needs to find a way to get him more minutes. Kendall in his 2nd year is asking for a trade as he's good enough to come off the bench for most teams.

It's really hard to predict what this team will or will not do this upcoming season. Yes, they did make the playoffs a season ago but they barely got in as they needed a tiebreaker to advance. They are super young still so can they be consistent throughout the season? The fact that they made the playoffs a year ago with basically the same team and talent wise have improved, I believe they can get as high as a #5 seed if they can stay healthy. Should be a very exciting season to say the least and hopefully the Marauders can improve on last year's 42 win season.

Thursday, 18 July 2019 12:06

Marauders Draft Ellender

The Minnesota Marauders entered the draft with the #5 pick overall, #19 pick overall and the #47 pick in the 2nd round. The front office along with the fans couldn't be happier with their first two picks. They received the #5 pick from the Portland Lumberjacks in the blockbuster trade a season ago. Everybody knew the Marauders wanted, PG Francis Ellender, out of Duke and their dreams came true as he fell to some pundits surprise. GM Jason Rouse commented...

"We couldn't be happier with Ellender as PG was a major need for the team to say the least. We believe he can play right away but the big question will be can he be productive as the starter? A lot of upside but also a few things he needs to work on, especially his quickness as we would like for him to be a little more explosive with that first step."

At #19 the front office was looking for a post player and they found one that can contribute immediately. They had no backup for PF Tony Pence but now that problem has been fixed. The team selected PF Darwin Weisman out of Northwestern who will be a perfect fit for the Marauders. Physically he's a menace down low and will be able to rebound with the best of them. He looks to not have any major weaknesses and is average in most categories. Rouse spoke...

"We definitely had our eyes on him leading up to the draft and very happy to land him at #19. We also expect him to jump in and play right away backing up Pence at PF. We will definitely be working with him during camps to get his post defense improved."

With their 2nd round pick at #47 the team selected SG Simon Barrier out of Indiana. He will definitely be started out playing in the D league and is a long shot to make this team in the future. The team picks up 2 players that are already chalked into their 10 man rotation which usually doesn't happen coming out of the draft. Overall I give this draft an A as the team picked up 2 quality prospects and 2 players that can contribute right away.

Monday, 06 May 2019 20:55

Marauders Magic

The Minnesota Marauders shocked almost everybody by making it as the #8 seed in the National conference. The team sat on a 24-30 record after being punched in the face at Anaheim 125-92 and the very next game blowing a 22 point halftime lead versus the Demons. The players got together in a players only meeting and the coaches did the very same thing. Ervin Holmes took charge and sources said he grabbed Stanley Bobo by the neck and slammed him against the wall. A mini melee broke out but no blood was shed and afterwards all the beefs were over with. Holmes commented...

"As the leader in the locker room and on the court sometimes I need to take charge."

Coach Layne Hensley and staff came up with a new game plan and shuffled the rotations to mix things up. After that the team caught on fire winning 15 of their next 18 games propelling them to the #6 seed. Now everybody expected them to make the playoffs and major pressure was put on the young team. They folded like a tent losing 5 of 6 and found themselves on the outside looking in. They needed to win their last 2 games and either the Boston Buzzards needed to lose their last 2 games or the Vancouver Highlanders needed to beat the South Florida Sharks. The latter scenario came true and the Marauders make the playoffs on a 3 team tiebreaker rule, leaving the Buzzards out and the Highlanders in.

Up next, the uber talented London Knights who many think will take home the OBWL championship this season. Minnesota was swept during the regular season but players are upbeat and ready for the big challenge ahead. Talent wise the Knights reign supreme but the Marauders are known for their hustle and never given up despite the score. Many fans have taken the trip across the pond to London to catch the first 2 games, as it's been a long time since they made the playoffs. One thing is for sure that it will be a complete madhouse when the series comes home to Minny.

Monday, 15 April 2019 01:09

In the Hunt

The Minnesota Marauders are still in playoff contention after winning 4 straight games to bring their record to 38-40, good enough for a 8th place tie with the hated Boston Buzzards in the National conference. One fan commented...

"No one likes Buzzards especially Pirates... Their ugly, they stink and you definitely don't want to see one flying overhead."

A lot of chatter has come from their GM, Warnke, already claiming the 8th spot as their own with around 20 games to play.  Apparently the rest of the playoff contenders should bow down and let the Buzzards run right over them.  Minnesota made it 2-0 versus them this season with a 11 point victory a few nights ago. Big Ervin Holmes nearly missed a triple-double scoring 12 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, and swatted 9 shots.  GM Rouse spoke...

"I'm not worried about what's going on with Boston the only thing I can control is our teams atmosphere. Coach Hensley, has done an outstanding job keeping the team focused and not worried about outside noise. We are a very young team but I still think we have the talent to make the playoffs."

The Highlanders are still in the race and are 2 games behind both teams while it looks like the Sharks are running away with at least a 7th seed.  With 22 games to go the Marauders play 11 at home and 11 on the road while the Buzzards have a split at 11/11 and the Highlanders have a 10/12 split playing 1 extra game on the road. Boston hosts Seattle and Minnesota hosts Toronto so advantage Buzzards before the big big showdown March 8th in Boston.  The 2 teams play in Minneapolis March 26 for the final meeting. These are not must win games but to go down 2 games with 20 to go isn't ideal. Coach Hensley disagreed...

"Hey, there's 22 games left in the season not 2 so I'm not worried about some showdown over in the Northeast somewhere."

The coaching staff has changed up not only the depth charts but the game plan as well leading to a 4-1 record, with the only loss a 22 point half time blown lead versus Denver. Also, the long-awaited debut of, Andrew Evans, has come and gone where he's coming off the bench at SF averaging around 10 minutes per game. He's just trying to fit somewhere in the offense and so far so good, shooting 8/16 from the field, 5/5 from the line and having a +14 on court differential in just 5 games.

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 22:18

Marauders Midway Report

The Minnesota Marauders come into the All-Star break at 23-24, good enough for a 7th place tie in the National Conference. This is a major surprise not only to the fans but many pundits throughout the league.  As of right now it looks like 4 teams are battling it out for 2 playoffs spots. The schedule gets way tougher in the near future but gets slightly easier coming down the home stretch.  I don't know if this team will make it or not but I do know, Coach Layne Hensley, will have the Marauders prepared and ready to go.  Hensley, is in the last season of his contract and sources have told me that the front office wants to re-sign him this upcoming off-season. Let's take a look at the starting 5 and how they have fared so far this season.

Ervin Holmes

He's definitely the rock of the team and does a lot of the dirty work by playing D, rebounding and blocking shots. He ranks 2nd in blocks at 5 per game, 4th in rebounds at 11.3 per game and 15th in field-goal percentage shooting just over 50%. He finally got rewarded by making his 1st ever All-Star team as a reserve. In 34 minutes of action he scored 12 points, grabbed 6 boards and blocked 5 shots as the team won the game by 33 points.

"It feels great to be recognized as one of the league's best players and finally realizing all that work has really paid off. I had a blast out there playing with the league's cream of the crop and hopefully I can do it next season too. Now it's time to lead the Marauders to the playoffs."

Tony Pence

The 26-year-old has energized the team since coming over from the Lumberjacks in a trade. He's had 2 triple doubles so far and is tied for 2nd with Joey Short averaging 16.3 points per game.  It's just a matter of time before he passes George Ellis who averages 16.7 per game. He's averaged 17.55 per game as a Marauder, but the one criticism is that he needs to be more consistent.  The front office loves this guy and look for them to throw a big number at him in 2026 when his contract is up.

"I've been asked to do a lot more here in Minnesota but I'm up to the challenge. Coach wants the offense to run through me at times so I've been working very hard at that."

Joey Short

Definitely a breakout year for him and first year starting every game and having major success. Being hamstrung by the Americans front office he can finally let loose and let his game do the talking. Last season, he only averaged 12.7 minutes per game and now that's up to nearly 30 minutes per game. He's averaging 16.3 points per game while shooting over 46% compared to just over 6 points per game a year ago. His game is taking the ball to the rack but needs to work on his outside game if he wants to take it to the next level.

"It was a complete nightmare playing in Philadelphia for GM Jay Amado. I was promised more playing time along with other promises and not one was delivered. I'm so glad to be out of there and thankful for, GM Rouse, who's delivered on his promises and not having to worry about being traded every day."

George Ellis

He has struggled a bit after suffering a knee injury earlier in the season and the fact that he's getting less shots with Pence in the starting lineup. That being said he still averages 16.7 points per game in under 28 minutes per game. This is also a career-high as he's a full-time starter for the first time in his career. A huge bargain at $3 million per season and the team has an option next season to bring him back if necessary.

"I love being here in Minnesota and finally getting a chance to start. I really want to make the playoffs because at age 30 you just don't know how many more chances you'll get."

Stanley Bobo

He's been ripped apart by many pundits basically saying he's complete garbage. All of his shooting and scoring numbers have all went down but at least he can still pass the ball with a 3.10 assists/turnover ratio. His team option for next season has been declined and now he must prove to other GM's around the league that he's worth a contract next season.

"I'm beyond disappointed but the team didn't pick up my option and I completely understand why. I'm just having an off year so far and need to find a way to grind through the rest of the season."

Key Bench Players

Andrew Lawler

He has become the team's only 3-point assassin coming off the bench at SG as the team ranks dead last in 3-point percentage. He's made the All-Star Sophomore rising stars game shooting just over 41% from behind the arc and plays stellar outside defense. It was a major struggle going 1 for 6 scoring just 7 points, grabbing 2 rebounds and dishing out 2 assists in 15 minutes of action. He has 3 years left on his rookie contract and the front office have shown signs that they would like to keep him long-term.

"I'm not going to lie I would really like to start, but seeing veteran George Ellis out there I completely understand. I've been told next season that SG will be an open competition so this off-season I'll be working extra hard"

Mustafa Ranby

A career D leaguer, GM Rouse, finally gave him a shot in the big show and it has paid off. In just under 19 minutes per game he averages 10.7 points and grabs 4.8 rebounds while shooting just over 48 %. Just imagine if he actually got starters minutes what he could do for this team, but the lack of defense is why he doesn't. He's asking for a contract extension at 4 years/$13 million, but as of right now the front office isn't talking contracts extensions until towards the end of the season.

"This has been a dream come true and I would like to thank, Rouse, for giving me that chance. I think I've proven to myself and the rest of the league that I belong here."

Andrew Evans (D league)

The teams #3 overall pick has surprisingly spent the entire season down in the D league. Not a very popular decision with the fans and pundits throughout the league. According to the front office they would rather have him starting down there other than getting a couple minutes per game here and there in the OBWL. He will definitely be on the roster next season so he will be one and done with the D league. In just over 33 minutes per game he's averaging 20 points while shooting just under 48% from the field and 88% from the free-throw line. He's been struggling from behind the arc at 29% but excels at getting to the line which he has 320 free-throw attempts. He's been player of the month 3 times and is showing that he belongs in the big show. Also, won the D league's dunk contest and made both the All-Star team and Rookies versus Sophomores game.  He could not be reached for comment.

Thursday, 28 February 2019 20:39

Mega Deal In Minnesota

Late last night the Portland Lumberjacks and Minnesota Marauders came to terms on a 9 player deal which included one first-round pick. The deal for the Marauders kick starts them into rebuild mode, but they still have enough talent to win games.  GM Rouse focused on prospects that were more ready for the OBWL and not the OBDL.  "This isn't going to be a full rebuild per se but more of a semi rebuild meaning the front office is still focusing on winning games while developing prospects at the same time."  Let's take a closer look at the trade...

Lumberjacks Get:

Richard Burke II

Bye-bye RB2 who spent just over one season with the team and now he's gone like the wind.  It was the right time for him to get traded as he's still in his prime and putting up big numbers nightly. The team realized they would at best be a .500 team and they would be better off trading him for prospects and picks.  Also, it frees up cap space for the 2026 and 2027 seasons when the majority of the team will need to be re-signed. Good luck in Portland and you will be missed.

Irving Silas

The 2022 #13 pick overall will now get a team that looks forward to having him in the future. He's improved this year and has shown glimpses of a scoring machine. With Andrew Evans waiting in the wings and both having similar game, it was the right move to make at this current time. That being said I think he will turn into a solid starter for the Lumberjacks in the future.

Isaac Lafollette

He was demanding a trade and ruining team chemistry by causing scenes in the locker room pre and postgame that would carry onto the court. The Lumberjacks get an expiring salary and a diva to say the least.

Michael Florio

A last-minute addition to the trade as the Marauders had a plethora of point guards on the roster with the coming trade. He was a second-round pick in this season's draft.

Marauders Get:

Tony Pence

He will try to replace RB2 which is impossible but he can help to get some of that production back. At the young age of 25 he looks to be a keeper for the Marauders. He's signed throughout next season at the small rate of $3 million and hopefully he will want to sign a contract extension or the team might have to go after him in free agency. He could possibly be the best passing PF in the league and now is the best passer on the team with Stanley Bobo following close behind.

Albert Mitchell

Mitchell was needed in the deal for salary purposes and is signed through next season at $10 million per. He can't really shoot but does about everything else above average so he will move into the backup point guard position for now.

Dorian Geis

The front office have had their eyes on him since this off-season and are very happy to get him even though his game is not up to par this season. It seems like he took a step backwards from last season but he's young and still has plenty of time to develop. The team really can see him as their starting PG in the future but he must work on his game. As of right now he's 3rd string PG/SG and could see time at backup PG if Mitchell fails to perform.

Andrew Lawler

The front office absolutely loves this prospect as he's a three-point assassin which the team desperately needs. That being said he's in a huge slump from behind the arc but hopefully a new offense and change of scenery will help things out.  On top of that he's a hell of a defender on the perimeter and can handle the ball. The team can see a Evans/Lawler combo at SG in the near future, as of now expect Lawler to backup Ellis at SG.

Terrance Latimer

Very athletic but lacks in the skills department  and will be sent down to the D league to help them develop. His contract is up at end of season and it's very iffy if they will go after him in free agency.

Lumberjacks 2025 1st rounder

Everybody loves first-round picks and only time will tell if it will be a top 10 pick or not. Add this to the Marauders first-round pick next season and it could possibly be a breakout draft for the team.

Time will only tell if this was a good trade for the team but as of right now the front office and fans are very happy. The big problem now is how to get everybody playing time without more players demanding a trade. I guess if that's the worst problem they got then they will be just fine. Game on!

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