Kevin Hitch

Kevin Hitch

Saturday, 10 April 2021 21:31

Who is in town to sign?

Fans for both the Labradors and Huskies appeared  to by excited today.  Rumors had it that Clark was in town.  

The problem is that fans forgot there are two teams here now.  So, which team is he going to sign with?  Was he actually seen?  Will he sign with either team or be selected further in the draft?

Sources have also said that Blake Cain's private jet is arriving within the hour.  Does he have one of York's top picks on that airplane?  Is he just coming to the draft party?  After all, it has been years since fans have cheered for him.

In just hours, rumors will be put to rest.  Labrador fans have to wait for the Huskies pick to make their first round pick before they can celebrate.

Saturday, 10 April 2021 00:06

Excitement in York

There is excitement in York as it is just hours before the draft.  It isn't often that a team moves and has a top five pick the same year.  The Labs not only have a top five pick, they have the second and third pick. 

There are rumors coming out that Hitch could trade out of the third overall pick.  What kind of fool would do that?   General Managers and fans have different ideas about the top players.  Could it be Clark, Blalock, Manuel, Penrod or Cisco that go first?  Who would fill out the top five?

There are always surprises at the top of the draft.  Many think Hitch will blow these picks and set the franchise further back.  If he can hit on the picks, the franchise could be winners for years.  The team is already young.  Two 19 year olds could be added to an already young team.  Fans are still waiting on the development of Ibanez and Williams.  Budd is 26 and has not developed as hoped.

The Labs have six players at 23 and under.  Some of those players were obtained in last years trade with the Americans.  Besides getting the young players in the deal, York received a future first rounder from the Americans. 

Speaking of trades, many thought Hitch was crazy trading Baranowski to the Muscle.  The trade resulted in the number three overall pick in this years draft  Edward has a career points per game of 16 a game.  He is a two time all star.  Hitch is hoping the third overall pick will exceed that.

The Labradors are not expected to be a player in the top free agents.  Last year, they got Kersey at a great value.  He was brought in as a short term fix. Ibanez is a better fit at shooting guard, but can play the point.  Will Hitch allow the seasoned vet to mentor a new point guard?  Will he go with two big men and if so which two would he select?

The Labradors will be hosting a draft party at the Purina Dog Pen.  Social distancing will be in place.

Friday, 19 March 2021 02:09

Dragoons on the move

It is official.  The Dragoons have left Fort Worth.

Amid a pandemic, moving trucks were seen leaving Fort Worth and heading to the airport.  From there, the teams equipment was loaded on jets.   Some were the owners private ones while others were rented.   They were headed to Toronto as part of the deal to move the team from the States.

The team owner, Blake Cain, originally lived there.  He grew up in the area as a child and had always wanted a team there.  It appears he was unable to buy out the Toronto name.  Of course, the league office would not allow a team with the same name which can be understood.  

Rumors are coming out that the Dragoons will officially be the York Labradors.  The beautiful new stadium holds just over 18,000 fans.  It is being called the Purina Dog Pen.  Purina signed on for a ten year contract for the naming rights. The complex will have top of the line training facilities and medical facilities as part of the negotiated deal. The team will stay in the American West.  The has been no discussion with the league office on moving the team out of the division.

General Manager Hitch had many zoom calls with new licensed season ticket holders.  Between these meetings and the teams marketing department, a team logo has been designed.  Rumors are that it will be revealed in the next few days.

"Fans should be excited for this team.  We have a lot of youth on the team.  We should be adding more youthful talent as we expect two top ten draft picks this year.  We hope the move will develop an added fan base.  Also speaking on behalf of our organization, we want to thank the city of Fort Worth and fans there.  It was hard to decision to move the team, but the old stadium needed to be upgraded in too many ways for the team to stay in it,"  General Manager Hitch stated.

It is expected that he will speak again after the team settles in at the Purina Dog Pound stadium and complex.


Monday, 25 January 2021 02:53

Dragoons in final days

The Dragoons have just five games left in Fort Worth.  The team is moving to Canada next year in a brand new arena.

This will drive new fans to the team and ownership expects the place to be filled up nightly.  Just how long will fans come with a team that can't win games?  Will the budget get expanded or reduced?  What will it take to make a profit?  This is the first team to get a new stadium and move to a new city since the league started.  Thus, there are many unknowns.

One thing is for sure, Toronto is getting a team that needs lots of help from the top down.  They will need to hire two coaches and a scout.  The scout will be important as the Dragoons have two first round picks.  Currently, these should be in the top seven.  With a little luck, they could be top of the draft.

Hitch has to find someone that knows how to win.  It can be a player or a coach.  Right now the only thing that the organization and the fans know is how to lose.  Fans were hoping that Hitch would go to Minnesota.  This way he wouldn't be part of their team anymore.  Well, the will get that wish next year as Toronto has already announced a team name change.


Thursday, 10 December 2020 22:10

Dragoons Rumors

The Dragoons are once again at the bottom of the league.  The General Manager is again on the hot seat.  Will the owner fire him before the team moves to Toronto next year?

NPSE reporter, Joe Know-It, is reporting that Fort Worth has been shopping Motley.  Could Kersey or others be available too?  After all, a nine win season won't get the team to the playoffs. 

The reporter says there were several teams with interest.  The deals came with many different benefits to the Dragoons.  One would think, Hitch must get draft picks.  Some GM's have laughed at Hitch's request for a first round pick for Motley.  Others think Motley is a talent than should be a starter in the league.  At this point, any benefits may be better than letting Motley go in the off season to cut salary.

When will the coach allow the young guys to play more?  Will Williams, Budd, Ibanez, Mathers and Young be given time to develop?  Will they ever develop?

Sources are saying a deal could happen soon.

Thursday, 29 October 2020 21:10

Dragoons look to start the season

The Dragoons General Manager has taken a beating in the public.  Others have beat him up on prior moves, transactions and bids.  The heat has been heavy.  The team would have had the fifth overall pick in this years draft.  However, a prior trade gave up the pick for what ended up being a later first rounder.

The team will be playing their last year in Fort Worth.  Fans would love a championship before the leave.  Those fans are asking for more than a miracle.  It would be a gift for the team to make the playoffs in their final year.  Who can help them?

Hitch failed to resign Remington who was obtained in the Baranowski trade.  This angered the fan base with how Hitch handled the bidding.  Instead of getting the point guard, he may have overbid to get Budd back.  In hindsight, the loss of Remington may have worked out well.  The Dragoons signed Kersey to a lot less money. In addition, the team signed Graves to a one year deal.  It should also be noted that the Dragoons obtained the Muscles first round pick in the deal.   If teams perform as bad as last year, Hitch would have two top five picks upcoming.

The front court may not score much, but the back court should take care of this.  Motley, Ibanez and Kersey are all scorers. Motley and Ibanez are very good defenders.   This squad will be better defensively than less year and shouldn't give gifts on the line.  Hitch found players who can avoid fouling. He also found guys that good alter shots underneath the basket.

Time will tell if Hitch can win enough games this year. If not, can he make moves to put the team in better position for the new stadium next season?

Friday, 09 October 2020 01:23

Dragoons entering last season

The Dragoons are entering their final season in Fort Worth.  The owner, Blake Cain,  has a brand new stadium being built in Toronto.  He negotiated a deal after the city decided his team was not worth keeping.

Will the staff be focused on this years team?  General Manager Hitch is expecting his team to give fans a winning season.  "I expect wins, the owner expect wins and the fans expect us to give our best effort.  I will except no less from everyone involved." Hitch stated.

Hitch has already work with Coach Kolby to bring in some staff.  He hired three coaches, James Bibbs, Keith Highsmith and Daniel Jones.  The team spent just 350,000 on the three.  This will save several million dollars to the organization.  Hitch is hoping to utilize the money to bring in players.

In other news, their are rumors that the Dragoons have developed a new logo.  The court design and uniform designs may also be under way.  The team is moving to Toronto, but the team name has not been announced yet.  Sources say that the logo will have some type of dog in it.  The team has not made any comments to confirm or deny this information.

One thing is for sure, it doesn't matter where the team plays.  If they can't win games, the stadiums will be empty and fans will not spend their money on the team.

If only the season were starting today.

The Dragoons have finally found a winning strategy.  Fort Worth has won four games in a row for the first time all year.  This includes winning six of the last eight games.  In the same stretch, one of the losses were to a tough Archers team. It was only a three point lose.

Some have wondered why the team traded Baranowski.  General Manager Hitch believed the team was lacking a floor leader.  It appears he may have known what he was talking about.  However, unless he can sign the asset obtained in the trade, it is all for not.   The team is now 24-48, but were 14 and 36 before the trade to get Xander.  The Dragoons are 10-12 since getting Remington.  Keep in mind that a 500 team should make the playoff in the Eastern Conference.

Baranowski appears to be fitting in with the Muscle.  He is averaging 17 points per game with Detroit. However, he remains on a losing team.

The team will have some money to spend next year.  Will the owner give them more money to spend?  Will Hitch know how to retain Remington?  Only time will tell.



What happens when your team is 14-36 at the All-Star break, owners panic.  Then, General Managers feel they have to make a move for fear of losing their jobs.  Is this what happened in Fort Worth.  No one is sure.

What is certain if that the Dragoons General Manager Hitch made a move.  Many believed he just traded the best player on the team.  If nothing else, he traded one of the most liked players on the squad.  Baranowski was averaging almost 20 points per game this year.  He was doing most of the work on his own.  The team seemed to lack a point guard who could get the ball in the right spot.  It was back in 2026 that Hitch decided to trade a very good point guard away. 

Nobert Cunningham was traded to the Sunkings.  This caused the team to get younger. Although Fort Worth did get a first rounder back for the ninth overall pick.  Many wondered at the time what Hitch was doing.  The same ones are wondering about the latest trade.  Baranowski was the sixth over all pick.  He was traded for Remington, a star point guard, and Molina who plays shooting guard.  He was able to obtain a first round pick in the deal also.

Can Hitch convince his owner to fork out the money to pay Remington in the off season? If so, the Dragoons may have won the trade.  If not, Fort Worth has fallen behind for years. 

The job of a General Manager.  Did he make the right move or will he fear for his job?  The question remains unanswered.

Saturday, 25 July 2020 23:29

Dragoons losing continues

     Fans had hoped this would be the year the team made it back to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, it will wait at least one more year.  The team has not had a winning year since 2020, but did make the playoffs in 2024. 

     The Dragoons started the year at 3-21.  They have gone 8 and 10 since then.  The team has looked for trades and did find some players off waivers and free agency.  The coaching staff has changed their style of play in hopes of using the teams personnel better. 

     The team would be sitting with a top five pick in next years draft.  Oh wait, General Manager Hitch exchanged first round picks with the Inferno.  Hitch believed his team would be playoff worthy this year.  Thus, he took a chance on the trade.  It did not work out in his favor.  Instead of drafting in the top five as it currently stands, the pick is a mid to late first rounder.

    Things must change.  There won't be many fans in the seats next year as the team is moving to Toronto.  If Hitch can't get some excitement or wins with this team, they may not have any fans in the new stadium either.  Only Baranowski will be under contract when the team moves.  However, five players will have team options.  Hitch has to work with his owner to extend the budget or he must develop this young talent quickly.  He does not have the money to sign a big name free agent.  He doesn't have the cap to trade for one either.

     Speaking of Toronto, it appears that the team will be called the Labradors or Labs.  There are rumors that the team colors may be neon green with orange or yellow.  Purina is looking at securing the naming rights and naming the arena Purina's Dog Den or Dog Pound.

     General Manager is seeking logo input although he has a year and a half before the move.

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