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Many general managers look at the draft as a way to fulfill the needs of their team.  Some depend primarily on it, while others use free agents and trades to fill in their rosters.

If you are a losing team, the draft could be that lifeline for success.   It has been many years since GM Hitch has had a winning season(2020)  In fact, it is even longer since his team has won a series in the playoffs.

Last year, the Labradors had two first round picks.  Penrod averaged 14 ppg and 8 rebounds.  He shot 52% from the floor and won the rookie of the year award after being selected third in the draft.  Cisco, a point guard, was taken second.  He has some potential but it wasn't enough last season too keep him  off the developmental leagues.

So what does the York management do? They draft another point guard project.  Some believe Joiner is a can't miss prospect.  However, it may be years before he sees the big league.  He was rated number eight last year coming out of high school  He played one year of college ball at LaSalle, but is still only 18.  Will he make a difference soon?  If not can he help sooner than later?

Hitch had attempted to make a trade to move up late in the first round.  Rumor was that he wanted  Onesime Dupire from Purdue.  He was a top six pick on the Labs draft board and had fallen.  Hitch reached out to several teams and could not make a deal happen.  Maybe it is for the best as he would be a long term project.  Instead the organization used the picks on Dexter Fortuna from Syracuse, Kenneth Dozier from Seton Hall and David Moore from Stanford.  According to reports, York had a first round grade on all of the players taken.

This team will be young unless free agents are brought in. With this years draft picks, 12 players will be 24 and younger. York has three first rounders next year.  So, the team can continue to develop.  There wont be many players under contract next season.  Will the team go after big time free agents this year or next?  Will Hitch stay the course with acquiring young players?  How patient will the new fan base and owner be in the rebuild process?


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