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Ready or Not, the OBWL gets Woke

The Denver Demons' trailblazing head coach, Emanuelle Rasmussen, becomes the first female and transgender coach in OBWL history.

Maybe the entire drama started two years ago.

It happened at his very first day as newly appointed head coach of the Denver Demons, maybe an hour into his first practice. It happened in a heart beat: the world of Emanuel Rasmussen changed.

The then 40 year old guy, up to thas point in time known as one of OBWL's best scouts ever, stood at the sidelines, watching his players pick and roll, when a young man entered the practice facility, approached the coach, handed over a pair of basketball shoes, looked the coach into the eyes for a seemingly endless minute and left.

What happened next was the talk of the day two years ago, but it slowed down soon and was barely remembered later. Emanuel Rasmussen ended practice on the spot and ran out in a hurry, obviously chasing the extremely handsome young stud. "I forgot to thank him and went outside to look for him," Rasmussen explained the next day at a press conference. As mentioned before, talks about the somewhat strange event quieted down right away as a terrible 9-71 season under Rasmussen soon took the center of the Demons world.

Oh, by the way: The shoes were custom-made and had a slogan on them: "Be yourself".

Emanuel Rasmussen ever since was wearing them at each and every Denver game.

Talks among players that Rasmussen may have been gay and may have fallen in love with that young man who was about 20 years younger than him erupted several times. It was kind of Denver's worst kept secret especially as GM Klaus von Meyerinck soon enough tried to press journalists into publicly bashing the seemingly homosexual coach. But like the dumpster fire they were those talks and attempts died down quickly with Denver's next loss. They got some fuel at the start of last year when Rasmussen had "Be yourself" tatooed on his forearm. But then again a 14-66 season made the coach center of not sexuality talks but of job security talks.

Until today.

Until draft day.

Until the day the Denver Demons made headlines once again in a way no other team in OBWL does.

All was prepared for a big party. The draft party. Once again the Demons had a top 5 pick and after the likes of PG Hobert Shell, SG Michael McLellan in 2027 and SF Lemuel Wald in 2028 the team picked a player who is instilling the highest hopes in Denver. And it picked a second round player who took the spotlight from the first round selection at the party.

So imagine this: Up to 500 handpicked guests joined Denver's draft night party. Among those owner James Anderson, 61, who has turned into a greyhaired man after putting up with GM Klaus von Meyerinck for years now.

Almost the entire coaching staff was present - with the sole exception of Emanuel Rasmussen who had been excused with personal matters. But present were newly hired AC and former OBWL pro player Stephane Faschet, the entire team, the most important sponsors, the mayor of Denver, Colorado‘s governor, a ton of beautiful women, a smashing jazz band and yes, a huge hot fishmac sauce fountain. You know who insisted of getting that in the middle of the dessert section of the gourmet buffett.

The party started at the business lounge in the Great Divide Arena and for once everyone was cheerful and excited to see new rookie sensation Tom Blalock in person as Denver had flown him in due to the high hopes that the 19-year-old number 5 pick can turn into a superstar center. So cheers and joy and laughter culminated in a roar of "Demons, Demons" chants when KvM presented Blalock on stage – and even the GM for once seemed to behave.

But as the party took place in the Great Divide Arena a great divide was what the Demons were ultimately about to get.

"And now our second round selection", KvM just anounced, "Garrett Crotchkiss".

"Oh my god, that fucking idiot had to do it", Demons owner James Anderson could be heard right into the last corner of the business area, Anderson not being aware that his mic was still green lighted.

But even that painful mumble within the audience died within a second when not only Garrett Hotchkiss, the Demons new 21 year old handsome 6' 7'' SG took the stage. But he took it hand in hand with what everyone thought had to be his mother.

Or not.

His mature hot girlfriend then. At least folks thought so for another splitsecond when Hotchkiss, well, kissed the woman by his side.

Then 500 folks looked again. And recognized not only what they saw. But who. Who that beautiful woman in a red flaming party dress really what. Disbelief set in. Recognition. Shock. And then KvM screamed: "Scrotchkiss! Take your tongue out of my coach‘s mouth!"

But at this point it wasn't the GM sending shockwaves through the audience.

It was head coach Emanuel Rasmussen. Side by side, handholding with Garrett Hotchkiss on stage.

It was Rasmussen. Or was it?  Had to be. But a woman. But looking just like him. Pretty much. Prettier. Much.

Silence set in.

Then the first handclaps. Then applause. Then a wild roar of cheers.

Rasmussen looked amazed. Terrified at first, then relieved, then happy and proud.

The coach then took a mic, stepped forward in her, yeah, let's say it, hot sexy party dress, a proud confident woman obviously, and started her speech:

"Yes, it's me, the person you once knew as head coach Emanuel Rasmussen. I'm standing here before you now as the OBWL's first transgender head coach. My changed name is Emmanuelle Rasmussen, and let me tell you how proud and happy I am to finally be what I always felt was my real inner truth, my real me, my true sexuality, my real gender. It took me years to find the courage and finally it hit me two years ago on my very first day here in Denver and now I am happy and proud to present to you the love of my life, a young man who helped me to fulfill my quest, to follow my most inner and intense feelings that were burning inside me for a decade. And I have to tell you a story about a shoe and two words that changed my life and..."

It was at that point when KvM screamed "Die, perverts! Take those two fucking words you tranny bitch!"

With that KvM attacked both Rasmussen and Hotchkiss and obviously tried to drown the head coach in the fishmac fountain. It took five minutes of turmoil and help from the coaching staff and two players to overpower the GM and escort him out of the premises.

Maybe it's a sign of hope for the Demons who so far went 23-137 under their old new head coach Emmanuelle Rasmussen that it was none other than their head coach to save the night.

Rasmussen grabbed the mic one more time, looked down at her dress that was spilled with fishmac sauce and then she began: "I'm a woman, finally. I'm happy, finally. I'm whole. I'm in love with myself for the first time in my life. And after several surgeries I underwent I will not be only the first transgender head coach in this league, not only the first female head coach, I will be the best head coach this team can wish for and this franchise has ever seen. And this goes out to each and every one of my young players: Keep faith in me. Make history."

Before Emmanuelle Rasmussen, 42, the OBWL's most unique coach, the OBWL's first female and transgender coach could continue, it was owner James Anderson who caused a roar of cheers that made the entire building tremble. He grabbed the mic and shouted directly at the Demons players before Emmanuelle Rasmussen could do it: "Be yourself!"


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