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Marauders pick a pair with potential

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The time for licking wounds is over. After untimely injuries derailed a tremendous regular season, the Minnesota Marauders began the process of preparing for another title run with the 2029 OBWL Draft. 

By virtue of finishing with the league’s top regular season record, the Marauders picked dead last in both the first and second round, but they feel like they came away with a couple of promising pieces. 

“That’s the price you pay for having a great regular season,” said GM Chris Dunn. “They’re not going to hand you a blue chip prospect on a silver platter, so you have to dig a little deeper, and I have all the faith in the world in our scouting department to unearth a gem or two.”

With the final pick in round one (28th overall), the Marauders selected power forward Dee Tirado. Tirado, a fearsome presence at 6’8” and 268 pounds, averaged 9.8 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 3 blocks a game as a senior at North Carolina State. 

“Dee is very much in the mold of an Ervin Holmes. He’s an old school, grind-in-the-paint big man, he’s not going to wow you with his outside game,” said Dunn. “We feel like he can add some beef and some toughness to our backline depth right away.” 

With the last pick in the draft (56th overall), Minnesota picked point guard Jefferson Medford. Medford averaged 12.4 points and 4.9 assists a game as an 18-year-old junior at Georgetown. 

“He’s a young kid with a lot of room to grow,” said Dunn. “He’s got a world of potential, and we have the luxury of letting him learn without putting a lot of weight on him” 

The Marauders entered the draft with just 8 players under contract, meaning they can offer key rotation minutes to young players who show out in training camp. 

“There was a ton of talent in this draft, and we’re thrilled about the two guys we were able to pick up, and there are several more we hope to bring to Minny through free agency,” said Dunn. “It’s a rare opportunity to get some young guys in to really cut their teeth on a title contender, and I think that will appeal to guys on the open market.”


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