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Excitement in York

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There is excitement in York as it is just hours before the draft.  It isn't often that a team moves and has a top five pick the same year.  The Labs not only have a top five pick, they have the second and third pick. 

There are rumors coming out that Hitch could trade out of the third overall pick.  What kind of fool would do that?   General Managers and fans have different ideas about the top players.  Could it be Clark, Blalock, Manuel, Penrod or Cisco that go first?  Who would fill out the top five?

There are always surprises at the top of the draft.  Many think Hitch will blow these picks and set the franchise further back.  If he can hit on the picks, the franchise could be winners for years.  The team is already young.  Two 19 year olds could be added to an already young team.  Fans are still waiting on the development of Ibanez and Williams.  Budd is 26 and has not developed as hoped.

The Labs have six players at 23 and under.  Some of those players were obtained in last years trade with the Americans.  Besides getting the young players in the deal, York received a future first rounder from the Americans. 

Speaking of trades, many thought Hitch was crazy trading Baranowski to the Muscle.  The trade resulted in the number three overall pick in this years draft  Edward has a career points per game of 16 a game.  He is a two time all star.  Hitch is hoping the third overall pick will exceed that.

The Labradors are not expected to be a player in the top free agents.  Last year, they got Kersey at a great value.  He was brought in as a short term fix. Ibanez is a better fit at shooting guard, but can play the point.  Will Hitch allow the seasoned vet to mentor a new point guard?  Will he go with two big men and if so which two would he select?

The Labradors will be hosting a draft party at the Purina Dog Pen.  Social distancing will be in place.

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