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Dragoons on the move

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It is official.  The Dragoons have left Fort Worth.

Amid a pandemic, moving trucks were seen leaving Fort Worth and heading to the airport.  From there, the teams equipment was loaded on jets.   Some were the owners private ones while others were rented.   They were headed to Toronto as part of the deal to move the team from the States.

The team owner, Blake Cain, originally lived there.  He grew up in the area as a child and had always wanted a team there.  It appears he was unable to buy out the Toronto name.  Of course, the league office would not allow a team with the same name which can be understood.  

Rumors are coming out that the Dragoons will officially be the York Labradors.  The beautiful new stadium holds just over 18,000 fans.  It is being called the Purina Dog Pen.  Purina signed on for a ten year contract for the naming rights. The complex will have top of the line training facilities and medical facilities as part of the negotiated deal. The team will stay in the American West.  The has been no discussion with the league office on moving the team out of the division.

General Manager Hitch had many zoom calls with new licensed season ticket holders.  Between these meetings and the teams marketing department, a team logo has been designed.  Rumors are that it will be revealed in the next few days.

"Fans should be excited for this team.  We have a lot of youth on the team.  We should be adding more youthful talent as we expect two top ten draft picks this year.  We hope the move will develop an added fan base.  Also speaking on behalf of our organization, we want to thank the city of Fort Worth and fans there.  It was hard to decision to move the team, but the old stadium needed to be upgraded in too many ways for the team to stay in it,"  General Manager Hitch stated.

It is expected that he will speak again after the team settles in at the Purina Dog Pound stadium and complex.


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