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Dragoons in final days

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The Dragoons have just five games left in Fort Worth.  The team is moving to Canada next year in a brand new arena.

This will drive new fans to the team and ownership expects the place to be filled up nightly.  Just how long will fans come with a team that can't win games?  Will the budget get expanded or reduced?  What will it take to make a profit?  This is the first team to get a new stadium and move to a new city since the league started.  Thus, there are many unknowns.

One thing is for sure, Toronto is getting a team that needs lots of help from the top down.  They will need to hire two coaches and a scout.  The scout will be important as the Dragoons have two first round picks.  Currently, these should be in the top seven.  With a little luck, they could be top of the draft.

Hitch has to find someone that knows how to win.  It can be a player or a coach.  Right now the only thing that the organization and the fans know is how to lose.  Fans were hoping that Hitch would go to Minnesota.  This way he wouldn't be part of their team anymore.  Well, the will get that wish next year as Toronto has already announced a team name change.


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