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Flowers Gets Knighted

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It finally happend.  It was an open secret around the league that London coveted Charles Flowers, the greatest player of all time.  The infatuation began during the 2022 playoffs when Flowers and Toronto knocked off top seeded London.  Flowers dominated the Knighst to the tune of 28 points, 13 rebounds and 5 blocks over 5 games.  And that was with Jean Larry in his prime defending him.

General Manager Jian Lian: "There wasn't a thing we could do to stop him.  At that moment we thought: he would look great in purple and grey."

Inception had occurred.  

Seasons since, Lian repeatedly inquired on the availability of Flowers and repeatedly denied.  Threats were made but to no avail.  Frustrated, London declared war on Toronto when Flowers hit free agency in 2027 and had an armored Brink truck trailed Flowers where ever he went.  The Huskies was fading and no longer a title contender while the Knights reign atop the division.  It was thought by many that Flowers would jump ship and sign with London.  It was not meant to be.  Flowers expressed to Lian that it was his desire to return to Toronto and play out his career with the team that drafted him out of UNLV.  He loves the city, the fan and the organization.  Lian was crushed.  He told him the Knights have Larry, Val and Jose and could get him that elusive ring that was missing on his resume.  But as they say: Love triumphs over all.  Out of respect and understanding London did not offer a contract.  Flowers returned to Toronto.  The pursuit for Flowers had ended for the Knights.  Fast forward a season to 2028.

Toronto is turning into a lottery team with an aging core and a superstar on a back breaking contract.  Flowers realized that the best thing he could do for the city he loves is to move on.  He quietly requested a trade so that the franchise could rebuild and be a contender once again.  It wasn't long until Lian got the call he has been hoping for for almost 8 seasons.  The trade finally happened.  London received Flowers and Toronto's 2031 1st for Jose Owens and London's 2030 1st.  Owens was later sent to Tamp Bay for three 1st round picks.

"First, I want to thank Jose.  We drafted him when he came out of Duke and he has exceeded all of our expectations.  Without him we would not have won any of our championships.  The City of London thanks you Jose.  We truly wish you all the best in Tampa Bay.  You will be missed." said Lian

In addressing Flowers:
"What more can I say.  We tried for years and finally succeeded.  This will go down in franchise history.  Welcome Charles.  We hope you enjoy your stay.  Its been a long time coming.  Lets go get that ring." said Lian

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