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Dragoons Rumors

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The Dragoons are once again at the bottom of the league.  The General Manager is again on the hot seat.  Will the owner fire him before the team moves to Toronto next year?

NPSE reporter, Joe Know-It, is reporting that Fort Worth has been shopping Motley.  Could Kersey or others be available too?  After all, a nine win season won't get the team to the playoffs. 

The reporter says there were several teams with interest.  The deals came with many different benefits to the Dragoons.  One would think, Hitch must get draft picks.  Some GM's have laughed at Hitch's request for a first round pick for Motley.  Others think Motley is a talent than should be a starter in the league.  At this point, any benefits may be better than letting Motley go in the off season to cut salary.

When will the coach allow the young guys to play more?  Will Williams, Budd, Ibanez, Mathers and Young be given time to develop?  Will they ever develop?

Sources are saying a deal could happen soon.

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