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A Basketball Life Only a Few Can Match Featured

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In pro sports it's easy to get caught up in big time names, vocal heroes and super athlete's with all the talent in the world. Thomas Grundy may have been a great athlete but he he was far from being super talented or a big time name. The little known work horse went about his basketball career without chasing the spotlight, instead quietly living out his boyhood dream of winning championships on a team that he loves. Only seven players have won three championship rings, Thomas Grundy is one of them. He Joins names such as Val Crumley, Jean Larry, Jose Owens and Colby Allan. Superstars! Grundy was born in Round Rock, Texas. Population, 99,000. It was in this small city that Grundy fell in love with the game of basketball and dared to dream about winning championships in the OBWL, as a young child he got to work. He honed his skill in high-school and began working on his strength and fitness. By the time he left high-school he was a five star recruit without a single accolade. Their are no individual accolades to mention in the career of Thomas Grundy. Not one! This is not an All-American story. There is nothing to show of his basketball career except for three things, championship rings. We always think of our champions and heroes, as these legends that dominate their way through life and onto the big stage to win glory. Every now and then a hard working person from the small time slips through unnoticed and wins glory before our very eyes. Four years of setting St. John's alight earn't Grundy attention from the pro scout's. Grundy's 4th and final year of college was one the best the college had ever seen. He finished the year averaging almost 20 points, 5.7 rebounds and more than 2 assists per game as a shooting guard. Not a single award given to Grundy but pro scouts all had the same message, enter the draft! With pick #21 of the 2019 draft the Minnesota Marauders select....... Thomas Grundy! He had slipped through but not because he was undeserving. Minnesota are said to have loved the way Grundy approached the defensive end of the court and also the way Grundy looked after his body physically. In his rookie year Grundy had already developed the strength of a seasoned veteran, he was quick enough and had the stamina to run all game. He's was a great athlete with a nose for defense. Minnesota would reluctantly trade Grundy to the Pioneers were he would play an important 10 minutes a game to help Kansas City win a championship. Grundy had lived out his childhood dream of becoming an OBWL champion, it didn't even take him that long, just a few season's in the league. However the Pioneers decided they had no further use for a guy like Thomas Grundy, for whatever reason they waived his contract and Grundy was without a contract and a team. As one door closes another opens and Grundy was soon thrust into the best situation possible. London came calling, one of the best teams the league has seen was about to sign and play a little known shooting guard, it worked to perfection. Grundy would play good minutes in London and did whatever was asked of him on a team packed full of superstars and with that came back to back championships. Three rings for an unassuming champion. The Knights chased more but it's hard to keep momentum rolling at the pinnacle of success. We need the standouts, we need the stars. But we also need that small time guy, he plays a role. He may not be a house hold name but rest assured in Round Rock the mans a hero. Grundy only scored 3000 points and earn't just $11.5M in his career. His reward, three championship rings in only nine seasons. At the age of just 30 he retired and walked away from the game of basketball more accomplished than most.

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