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2028 Rookie Draft Recap

Many draft experts felt that Colorado guard Rusty Villatoro, drafted #1 overall by the St. Louis Sun Kings, was the most "OBWL ready" player in the 2028 rookie draft.

Each year general managers hope to address their teams needs through the draft. Most gm's wont trade away a pick as they treat it like a rare gem. A few others could care less. They trade future first to get the player of their dreams in hopes that player is the guy to get them the championship.

The Sun Kings selected Rusty Villatoro from Colorado with the first overall pick. Dominik may have taken the player who is the most pro ready. Rusty should be ready to play from day one. He has the stamina to play alot of minutes. He averaged almost thirty minutes on the court while scoring 16 ppg.

The Sharks selected Brian Gant from Oklahoma State. This 20 year old has potential. He should be able to block shots and score from the inside. He came out after playing just two years of college ball. Patrick will look towards youth to develop to be competitive. Will you go after any older players to lead his group of youth?

The Demons selected Lemuel Wald from Texas Tech at number three. KVM continues to load up with young players after making moves in last years draft. This years pick is a 19 year old is loaded with potential, but currently lacks any defense.

The Muscle selected John Glisson from San Diego State. Coach Sands is hoping the 18 year old will develop quickly enough to play along side Weatherford and Baranowski. The later was obtained in a trade last year. Can Glisson replace Remington who was moved out in that trade?

The Blaze selected Jorge Sibley from South Florida with the fifth pick. He could be in the rookie of the year running if Greg plays him. The Blaze got a an all round ball player. He may need to develop stamina to get playing time.

The Storm selected Quintin Dean from South Florida with the next pick. Prince selected a young player who only averaged four minutes per game during his one year of college. If given time and patience, San Diego may have found a gem. Dean was rated number five prospect coming out of high school.

The Coyotes selected Ariel Lewis from Iowa State with their first round pick. Biddle got a front line player who should be dominate on the glass as he develops.

The Huskies selected Herbert Vetter from Duke with the number eight pick. Some general managers had him rated in the top five. Tessier may be able to get a lot of value from the 19 year old.

The Sting selected Gavin Shill out of Hawaii. Michael changed his logo and wants to bring in some impactful players to make changes. Shill appears to lack much upside, but he may see time off the bench right away.

The Invaders selected Lloyd Berg from Texas-Pan American. While rounding out the top ten, Reid should get a role player that may score inside while clearing some boards.

The first round of the draft finished as follows:

11. The Blaze select Franklin Almond from Penn State
12. The Chaos select Alton Weatherby from Oklahoma State
13. The SunKings select Burt Hildreth from Penn State
14. The Storm select Roy Young from Mississippi State
15. The Blaze select Noe Davis from Texas Tech (Third pick of the first round)
16. The Snipers select Charles Webb from Purdue
17. The Thunderbirds select Lloyd Lowrance from South Carolina
18. The Pioneers select Walker Hunt from Boston College
19. The Sharks select Lincoln Davis with much zeal.
20. The Evolution select Charles Trout from Syracuse
21. Dragoons select Chris Melvin from Mississippi State
22. Americans select Bryce West
23. The Demons select Larry Hiden from Boston College
24. Buzzards select Renaud Deschamps from Louisiana State
25. The Knights select Perry McCammon from Syracuse
26. Archers select Javier Adams from UC Irvine
27. The Inferno select Guy Taliaferro from Oregon State

From a fans perspective, this draft lacked all the excitement that last years had. There was one trade announced on draft day during the first round. Long Foote and James Nichol will be moving teams.


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