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All the hype money can buy

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Portland, Or.


That’s it. Games seven American conference finals.


It was the ride of our life, there were highs, lows, plenty of middle ground and in the end a 27 point loss. But it was the best season in the recent history of the franchise. All we need now is for the owner and GM to strike a deal to help bring more talent into the squad and push through to a finals berth next season.




Some of the highs of the season was seeing Kendall receive his first all first team selection, at time in the season he was an absolute monster with career high games achieved in points (50) rebounds (19) steals (4) blocks (5) and turnovers (9). Kendall proved that the max extension he signed was worth it and will now lead the lines each time we tip off.


The Russian formerly known as Yevgeny Ilgauska was also solid and racked up career highs, some will still question his price tag, but with all defensive first team defensive selection, and a tidy 19.3 ppg average, the Lumberjacks have invested in worse.


The trade for Carmelo was revolutionary for both player and team and it is hoped they will being him back in the off season, but budget will be the final determining factor in that.


There were so many different highs for the Lumberjacks this season that even though we fell short, the fans in Portland are finally happy.


Even thought there are many highs for the team, there are some uncertain times ahead. Roger was offered up at the trade dead line, but was so integral that we can’t see them letting him go ever though he has become the third option on the team. Will the budget be increased so they can find a point guard not on a min contract?


What about Marcel Bradley, buried in the depth charts, will he get a chance to add to the team next year or will he be wearing other colours?


With only the finals to go before the off season, no matter what direction or events are to take place, we won’t be waiting around long trying to figure it out.

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