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Dragoons making a final push to get out of basement teams

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If only the season were starting today.

The Dragoons have finally found a winning strategy.  Fort Worth has won four games in a row for the first time all year.  This includes winning six of the last eight games.  In the same stretch, one of the losses were to a tough Archers team. It was only a three point lose.

Some have wondered why the team traded Baranowski.  General Manager Hitch believed the team was lacking a floor leader.  It appears he may have known what he was talking about.  However, unless he can sign the asset obtained in the trade, it is all for not.   The team is now 24-48, but were 14 and 36 before the trade to get Xander.  The Dragoons are 10-12 since getting Remington.  Keep in mind that a 500 team should make the playoff in the Eastern Conference.

Baranowski appears to be fitting in with the Muscle.  He is averaging 17 points per game with Detroit. However, he remains on a losing team.

The team will have some money to spend next year.  Will the owner give them more money to spend?  Will Hitch know how to retain Remington?  Only time will tell.



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