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Dragoons make another move: out of desperation?

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What happens when your team is 14-36 at the All-Star break, owners panic.  Then, General Managers feel they have to make a move for fear of losing their jobs.  Is this what happened in Fort Worth.  No one is sure.

What is certain if that the Dragoons General Manager Hitch made a move.  Many believed he just traded the best player on the team.  If nothing else, he traded one of the most liked players on the squad.  Baranowski was averaging almost 20 points per game this year.  He was doing most of the work on his own.  The team seemed to lack a point guard who could get the ball in the right spot.  It was back in 2026 that Hitch decided to trade a very good point guard away. 

Nobert Cunningham was traded to the Sunkings.  This caused the team to get younger. Although Fort Worth did get a first rounder back for the ninth overall pick.  Many wondered at the time what Hitch was doing.  The same ones are wondering about the latest trade.  Baranowski was the sixth over all pick.  He was traded for Remington, a star point guard, and Molina who plays shooting guard.  He was able to obtain a first round pick in the deal also.

Can Hitch convince his owner to fork out the money to pay Remington in the off season? If so, the Dragoons may have won the trade.  If not, Fort Worth has fallen behind for years. 

The job of a General Manager.  Did he make the right move or will he fear for his job?  The question remains unanswered.

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