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Dragoons losing continues

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     Fans had hoped this would be the year the team made it back to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, it will wait at least one more year.  The team has not had a winning year since 2020, but did make the playoffs in 2024. 

     The Dragoons started the year at 3-21.  They have gone 8 and 10 since then.  The team has looked for trades and did find some players off waivers and free agency.  The coaching staff has changed their style of play in hopes of using the teams personnel better. 

     The team would be sitting with a top five pick in next years draft.  Oh wait, General Manager Hitch exchanged first round picks with the Inferno.  Hitch believed his team would be playoff worthy this year.  Thus, he took a chance on the trade.  It did not work out in his favor.  Instead of drafting in the top five as it currently stands, the pick is a mid to late first rounder.

    Things must change.  There won't be many fans in the seats next year as the team is moving to Toronto.  If Hitch can't get some excitement or wins with this team, they may not have any fans in the new stadium either.  Only Baranowski will be under contract when the team moves.  However, five players will have team options.  Hitch has to work with his owner to extend the budget or he must develop this young talent quickly.  He does not have the money to sign a big name free agent.  He doesn't have the cap to trade for one either.

     Speaking of Toronto, it appears that the team will be called the Labradors or Labs.  There are rumors that the team colors may be neon green with orange or yellow.  Purina is looking at securing the naming rights and naming the arena Purina's Dog Den or Dog Pound.

     General Manager is seeking logo input although he has a year and a half before the move.

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