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Saturday, 06 June 2020 19:37

Blaze Press Conference

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Walking up to the stage with Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row playing, GM Abcarian gets ready for his beginning of the year press conference.

“Hello everyone.  Thank you for coming today.  Let me say there two reasons we are playing this song at the press conference.  The first and foremost, this frigging song ROCKS!!!!  The second reason is that this will be our theme this year.  After many years of winning 20 or less, this is going to be our year and it’s time for our kids to go WILD!! We control our destiny and after a camp that well could have been better, but could have been worse , we are ready to win.  We feel super confident that our starting lineup with Byron Dambrosio, Daniel West (yes that Daniel), Adrian Sherrer, Erasmo Dryden and lastly Herschel Pettway can compete with most teams.  The bench will be our key this season, with Norman Woosley ready to step in, Mark Marble, Larry O’Brien, David Kitchens, Jose Lui, and this year first round pick Danny Largent.  Will we win the championship, most likely no, but you cannot win it if you don’t make the playoffs and this year we are going to.   Let us open it up to questions.”


Reporter: I noticed no mention of Gary Budd, is he on the outs?


GM Abcarian:  No, not at all.  Gary will get time on the court.  We just do not know how much.  Gary has put in many good years with us and is still young, so you never know.


Reporter:  Do you think Largent can step in and contribute meaningful minutes?

GM Abcarian: If I did not think that, he would have been traded for Greg Fore. I have the utmost confidence that Danny will step in and show it was a mistake not to be picked #1.


Reporter:  What are your plans for Lui? 


GM Abcarian: The coaching staff loves him and the effort he puts forth.  Last year he got lost in the shuffle and stayed in the Development league all year.  This year we have him penciled in to give us 15-20 minutes a game at SF and PF.


Reporter:  So honestly, what drugs are you taking?


GM Abcarian: All of them why?  Because I said we will make playoffs?  Goals, everyone needs them, the more you make in basketball to the more likely it is to win.


Reporter:  Are you glad to get David Kitchens?  I know Chicago has a history of slam dunk champs in it.

GM Abcarian: To be honest, when I claimed him, I had forgotten about that, but as soon as I claimed him, I remembered.  While it did not have any bearing on signing him, we are going to push for him to continue his dominance in the competition. 


And with that there was a poof of smoke and GM Abcarian disappeared as Here I Go Again by Whitesnake blares from the speakers.

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