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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 01:18

Seton Hall, Syracuse Double for Americans

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For the second draft in a row the Philadelphia Americans looked to Seton Hall and Syracuse programs to recruit into the OBWL.

With pick #26 in the 2027 draft the Americans selected Seton Hall point guard Rupert Dismuke, and Syracuse big man Emile Warren with pick #29. Just a year earlier the Americans selected Shelton Hagerty from Seton Hall and Philip Suiter from Syracuse. The Seton Hall, Syracuse double has some speculators suggesting a strong connection between the Americans and the two schools.

After the draft the Americans GM congratulated it's recruiting department on selecting such great talent so deep into the draft. "The praise has to go to our scouts and our recruiting department. They did a great job in finding such talent with pick 26 and pick 29. The little footage I've seen of both Dismuke and Warren has me very pleased with their selections" said the Philadelphia GM to reporters. When pressed about the Seton Hall, Syracuse connection Gibson said "We just looked for the best players available, Seton Hall and Syracuse are both great programs so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they produce talented guys like Andrew Bordo and John Newton as high picks and then we have guys like Hagerty, Dismuke and Warren going deep in drafts".

A more detailed explanation of the two recruits came from the Philli's head scout Travis Carlson. "We were given a bunch of parameters that each player needs to meet and these parameters will be a set of guidelines that each player that suits up for the Americans from now on needs to exhibit. We feel very strongly that Rupert Dismuke and Emile Warren fit these parameters and will be effective on both ends of the court. None of us in the war room could believe our luck that both players were available and I think if they put in the work the fans will see them getting game time very soon".

Philadelphia's recruiting department's focus now turns to free agency, a period that Gibson is determined to get right. "So far i think our off-season has been perfect. We had no problem attracting a great coaching panel, we drafting very well, our finances are in good shape so now we need to attract talent on the court and put on a show for our fans".


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