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Wednesday, 13 May 2020 21:02

Im back

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Portland, Or.


Its time. I will speak to the media today after my two year hiatus. Well actually it was more of a gaging order, either way, today I break my silence.


I am Roger Desfontaines, most improving player and 1st team OBWL. I am the future.




Roger, why the silence, in a time our city was starving for stories and success, where have you been in this past season?


GM Trent sat me down when I signed my monster deal, and said that everything has been talking except my game, let it talk before you open your mouth. I admit, as a young kid who thought his shizzle didn’t stink, I was all over the socials and in front of the camera feeding you guys like a suga daddy. But I reflected back in Canada after my first extension contract payment and was like. Its time, so I knuckled down and put the work in. I love Portland and the city, I want to win here.


So tell us about your season, it was quite the feat and to be honest not expected.


Look at the stats man, they don’t lie. Everything went up, and for consistency so did my turnovers and fouls! You can’t argue with the stats. I am hungry, I want to get better, this was a taste of things to come. Kendall and I will dominate for years to come. I must admit we finally have some players here and we hope to stick around for some time to come. Sagie, the new kid who’s name I have forgotten. Dear is such an underrated PG and the Russian, I hope he comes back this offseason. They all made it so much fun.


What do you expect this off season in Portland?


More of the same, if the Russian comes back we are as we were, a little wiser, a little better and now we finally have some playoff experience. I think we will be a better team, I would hope we go straight to the top! I also hoped to have been drafted to a different franchise, so you never know what cards are dealt, just got to keep swimming.


Thanks for your time today.


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