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Wednesday, 13 May 2020 11:34

Bad news are no news

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Denver. It's certainly no news that there's just bad news coming out of Denver. But it really looks like the Demons are in for another bad year. Not that the one they just finished was anything but...

So here's the bad news at a glance:

1. The Demons are coming off a terrible season. A team without much of a heart or a soul barely managed a 20 plus win season, it played lousy most nights. Rotation was more of a revolving door with an endless stream of useless free agents coming and going. It was a lost year in every aspect.

2. The team sucks - frankly said. But still it's in no shape for a rebuild. There's Greg Fore as the anchor and then nothing else. Five guys are left on the roster at this point and no one installes any confidence.

Rubin Davis has been sorted out already in his first pro year.

Carroll Lerch who thinks of himself as Greg Fore II and plays more like Greg Fore XLCII, is moody as ever, making a lot of demands despite still being a lousy shooter. Moreover both guys feel at home on the wings. Where of course Greg the man has built his kingdom. 

At PG the Demons have two young guys fighting each other, mostly in the locker room. But honestly neither Julius Atherton nor Francis Ellender would stand a chance at a team that would play the PG position with a real, well, PG. Both also are labeled as first round drafts leaguewide already.

And finally the ever hated Henry Barrick (being a vegetarian couldn't sit well with KvM, could it) is sitting out his contract stoically despite getting less playing time than any free agent who may have lost an arm or two.

3. The draft lottery went like many expected it simply had to run. The Demons lost two spots and now pick 4th. That is limiting the chances of getting a true franchise player already. And don't forget: KvM is selecting the player singlehandedly, Scout Niccolo Cristiani may be listed as such to meet demands of the league office, in daily life he is working as KvM's personal cook for quite some time.

4. Greg Fore has demanded a trade for obvious reasons. He wants a ring and stands a snowflakes chance in hell to get it in Denver.

5. KvM has agreed to trade him for the right offer. So whoever has a taste for a superstar instead of a seafood pasta dish may be in for the deal of his life. Then again KvM's ever changing appetite seems to make it unlikely to find a deal. Fore himself is not speaking to the media at this point.

6. HC Bo Balzer has left and now works for the Evolution. Nothing could better describe the Demons' downfall.

7. The overall impression is that KvM may not be good at anything despite eating, but he outright sucks at rebuiding. The Demons lack a true plan and direction and it's painfully obvious.

8. As to prove the obvious there's internal struggling about how and if at all to use the cap space in the upcoming free agency. Again it's not really easy to figure out who within the Demons' leadership is pleading what.

Any good news?

Well, owner James Anderson took the coaching search into his own hands, opened his wallet and succeeded to bring in new HC Emanuel Rasmussen. His 5 mio salary over 5 years should grant him total job security. Fans do hope that this is a sign of KvM's diminishing grip of things.

Bottom line however is the Demons look like a team in total disarray, having lost focus and direction. As said: no real news out of Denver after all...



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