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Wednesday, 13 May 2020 00:37

Dragoons time for a move

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There have been rumors for years that Blake Cain wanted to move his team out of Fort Worth.  The market size is small and fan loyalty has been poor.  However, the city has a very high economy.

Cain is not all about winning, but like most owners he wants to make money.  The team has a nice stadium.  It has a capacity of 18013.  The Stable Center has 2130 club seats and 118 suite seats.  In 2020, the team had 96.6% capacity and had almost 700,000 in attendance. The stadium will soon be empty.

Cain had wanted to keep the team close.  There were reports last year that Cain was working with the city of Houston.  He was looking for a bigger market and to add to the fan base.  According to sources around the team, New Orleans was in consideration for a team.  The sources stated that Cain heard other owners were looking at that market.  He felt the city was not big enough for two teams.  Today, Cain announced a big move.

"Thank you all for coming today.  I would like to announce that we have an agreement in place to move the team to Toronto.  Construction is under way for our new stadium.  We have tried for several years to get an upgrade with city officials in Fort Worth.  We were not able to come to an agreement.  Last year, we tried a proposal in Houston to stay close to Fort Worth.  This would have allowed our great fans to continue to see the team.  The city declined our offer to pay almost half of a 385 million stadium.  Toronto officials heard we wore looking to move.  They came to us about bringing a team across the border.  It was an offer that I could not resist." the Dragoons owner stated.

It is not clear if Cain talked to the Toronto Huskies General Manager Jim Tessier or their owner Mr. Jackson.  Sources close to the organization say that the Cain could not even tell his own wife or staff until the deal was signed.  He was only able to talk to the lawyers.  Toronto has guaranteed revenue for sell outs for the first three years of the deal.  No one knows how this will be paid, but it will go into Cains pocket one way or another.  Can Toronto handle two teams? Will there be enough fans for both teams.  Will General Manager Hitch pull fans away from the Huskies who are in a 25 year old stadium?  Time will tell, but there may be a new rivalry brewing .

The stadium size is going to be the exact same.  However, the team is increasing club seats by a few hundred and adding about seven luxury seats.  The seats will be larger and new.  There were many seats in bad condition.  Instead of fixing them, the seats were not used.  With a new arena and new fans, the ticket prices should rise.  In addition, Cain has already signed a deal with Purina for naming rights.  As part of the deal, the team will change its name from the Dragoons to the Labradors or Labs. 

Early details from the Dragoons organization are as follows:

Stadium name Purina Dog Pen


Nick name will be Labradors (as in the dogs)


Capacity 18013


Club seats 2575


Luxury seats 125


Team logo and colors are pending. Discussion are around a yellow lab which may mean team colors of something with yellow.


team giving $240,000,032


city giving   $175,411,000

total cost    $ 415,411,200 

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