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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 16:42 Written by Tom Lacher
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OBWL Hall of Fame Class of 2026

OBWL Hall of Famer Logan Goloboy scored with an ease and grace never before seen in a seven footer.

The OBWL Hall of Fame Class of 2026 consisted of only 2 players, but oh what players they were! Logan Goloboy and Harry White were a pair of superstars during the golden age of OBWL stars. Both were household names in an era when it seems each OBWL team had at least two stars on their respective rosters. Even during this time, these 2 were true SUPER stars.


University of Texas

OBWL Teams: Toronto Huskies (2011-14), Anaheim Archers (2015-23), Seattle SeaDogs (2024), Philadelphia Americans (2025)

OBWL Career: 19.3ppg, 5.6rpg, 2.6apg, 1.3bpg – 2022 OBWL Champion (Anaheim), 5x OBWL All League 1st Team, 6x OBWL All-Star

Goloboy defined the "Big Era" of the OBWL when he was acquired by the Anaheim Archers and became an all-star fixture at SF. The 7-footer played with the skill and grace of a SG and often times the Archer offense was initiated by Goloboy.

While Goloboy was a player who could create for others, he was at his best when he was scoring. "Golo" could score on all three levels and was adept at getting to the FT line as well. He was an offensive weapon the likes of which had never been seen before in professional basketball. He posted nine straight seasons of 22ppg or more. Golo currently ranks as the 9th leading scorer in OBWL history.



OBWL Hall of Famer Harry White helped redefine the point guard position with his shooting and passing.



Georgia Tech

OBWL Teams: Tampa Bay Tritons (2011), Arizona Thunderbirds (2012-25)

OBWL Career: 17.8ppg, 6.2apg, 90.3%-ft's 39%-3pfg – 2012 & 2017 OBWL Champion (Arizona), 2017 OBWL MVP, 2017 Playoff MVP, 7x OBWL All-Star, 2016 All-Star Game MVP, 3x OBWL All League 1st team, 2012 OBWL 6th Man of the Year

Before Harry White exploded on the pro basketball scene, the PG position was defined by pass-first, good defense, high steals players. White changed all that as he broke out as a member of the great Arizona Thunderbird teams.

White went against the grain in that he was a scorer who happened to play PG. He was a dual threat on the offensive end because he was a great passer as well. White could dominate a game so much offensively that his defensive deficiencies where all but covered up. In fact, White was so dominant offensively that at times he played SG for the T-Birds. In part because of White's scoring success -- which was based on speed and quickness -- OBWL teams started to move away from big, lumbering lineups and began to field teams based on quickness and athleticism.

White finished his career with two Heikkinen Cups, and as the OBWL's 4th leading assist man and 12th leading scorer.


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