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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 16:43

Fore gone conclusion?

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Denver. It's tough to be a Denver Demons fans these days. But it just might become even tougher. Greg Fore, the teams star, heart and soul, is demanding a trade once this season is over: "I want out", Fore said this week.

That sent shockwaves through Denver.

The Demons are in terrible shape.

The season with just 15 wins in almost 50 games so far is lost already.

The rebuilding is shaky at best.

Veterans like Ervin Glaser and Dong Richardson, two of OBWL's most prestigious players over the last years, are either sitting in the stands like Glaser or have lost their spot as a clearcut starter like Richardson who lately had to play off the bench at a few games.

The Demons were doing this to test some of their younger guys.

Well, they failed.

Speaking of shaky rebuilding: PGs Francis Ellender and Julius Atherton who are playing because they are young and do not have expiring contracts are mediocre and inconsistent. Wings Rubin Davis and Carroll Lerch are, well, guess what? Young and inconsistent and that is sugarcoating it.

No basketball expert believes that Ellender, Atherton, Lerch and Davis should be your core in a rebuilding effort. But they are all the Demons have, thanks to the erratic and crazy moves of their erratic, crazy and fat GM.

All others are either banned from playing by the GM due to personal hatred like Henry Barrick. Or they are on expiring contracts like Jason Slagle, Huey Damron or Jamel Tomlin and can't wait to finally hit FA and leave Denver as quickly as possible.

And in the midst of this dumpster fire there's Greg Fore, OBWL's true superstar, who is fed up with waisting his potential and career in the city of despair.

"I want out", tweeted Fore these days, "there's just no sense in it anymore."

As usually GM Klaus von Meyerinck wasn't willing to comment. But for the first time ever it seems like there's a rift between the GM and his  superstar. That does not mean that a trade at the end of another shitty season is imminent. But could it be that Denver will go through a deeper valley than we ever expected?

Time will tell. And we'll let you know.



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