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Friday, 20 March 2020 00:07

Everything American. Renato's Return, Philli All-Stars and more

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The return of Renato Ardoin has inspired the Philadelphia Americans into winning ways. The Americans have lost just one game since the return of the 8 time All-star, including a seven game current win streak. A broken arm forced Ardoin to miss the entire month of January, a dismal month for the Americans as they managed to win just three games without their superstar. This season the American's have won half of their matches that Renato Ardoin has played and are currently making a hard charge at a playoff spot as the rejuvenated star confirms his status as the most important player on the American list.



With pick #16 of the 2026 rookie draft the Americans chose Shelton Hagerty. The Philadelphia organisation left draft night glowing after having selected the player they had hoped would be available with their pick. His athleticism, height and eagerness to improve at both ends of the court lead the Americans to drafting Hagerty and he has repaid the faith by ranking seventh in his rookie class in both scoring and assists. Hagerty also ranks second in his draft class in field goal percentage shooting above .500% and having one of the best PPS of the class. His efforts were rewarded when Hagerty was rightfully selected to represent the Rookies at the All-Star break where he shined on limited minutes, arguably out-playing those on his team who were afforded more minutes. 



The Americans offense continues to rely heavily on John Newton's ability to hit the scoreboard. The versatile forward continues to dominate big men around the league with impressive speed and strength in the paint. Newton was rewarded with his third consecutive All-Star selection and multiple player of the week awards to solidify his position as one of the premier players in the league.



The Americans made it clear that they were looking to be active participants in the trade period and hoped to give some players the opportunity to play on winning teams but sources say almost all inquiries revolved around John Newton. Sources close to the club say most offers were laughable and not even close to being fair trade value. The Americans have multiple options to retool the team around a young John Newton as well as multiple veterans so trading away its most valuable star was barely and option. The Americans are considering implementing a period of non-trade sighting that the league seems to be going through a transition period after a spate of lop sided trades in recent history.



Alarm bells rang early in the season for the organisation who admit they got it wrong when anticipating good crowd numbers and adjusted ticket prices accordingly. 8000 less patrons are passing through the gates resulting in ticket sales per game being down $230,000 on last years results. The club has said they will re-adjust ticket prices in the off-season but are also optimistic that the team will finish the season strongly which may boost ticket sales.





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