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Thursday, 05 March 2020 07:28

A Few Words With Gregory Santiago

Written by Florent Thuram
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On his recent contract extension: "Every year the same thing happens: in-demand top players declare they'll test for free agency. Several teams announce they're trying for him. Taunting happens between the GMs. And when Free Agency happens, they just re-sign with their current team because they can offer the largest contract. It's all so much drama. Lots of players seem to love drama; I know Lyn does. This way, I set the terms. Max value but not being addled to the 6-year contract the team will throw at me. All done quietly, with no drama. 

On the Snipers current record: "Who would've thought even two years ago that the Snipers would be the top of the conference? (author's note: at the time of this release, the Pioneers are 1/2 game ahead). We still have a lot of ball to play, though, and the playoffs will be a bear, since we'll most likely face the Pioneers, and if we get by them, whoever wins between Boston and Minnesota. But it's not just basement-dwelling fantasy anymore."

On his nickname "Freaking": Really, this is the craziest thing to happen. Freaking Santiago. I'll tell you, I've never been much into the merchandising part of professional basketball, but I'm getting a crash course in it now. Posters, jerseys with Freak instead of my name, bumper stickers.... Someone sent him a picture from a Korn tribute band's concert, and the lead singer was wearing one of those jerseys. A side comment from a radio hpst, and suddenly everybody is on the train. Lyn is probably jealous as hell"*

*We reached out to Lynwood Emmert to see if he was 'jealous as hell.' He ended the call after a few expletives we won't be repeating.

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