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Friday, 28 February 2020 17:48

Chucks Blog Vol XVIII: Finally rebuilding. Well, sort of...

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Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.




Fact check:


Another year of failure lies behind our Denver Demons. A 2025 season that started with GM Klaus von Meyerinck anouncing two clearcut goals: gaining another 25 pounds and "rebuilding" the Demons.

Needless to say that he made one goal happen easyly while failing on the other one. And needless to say which was what. The Demons' year ended in mediocrity with an old roster and no draft pick and a GM who gained 38 pounds in 3 months. Big gain, but a lost year in all basketball related aspects.

Now the 2026 season is underway and some things seem to have changed.

The Demons stand at 7-17, are on pace for a Top 3 pick and for te first time seem to have truly started the process of, yes, some sort of rebuilding. But there are many doubts about how they do it because their core for the future does consist of three Top 12 picks from the 2025 draft that all are labeled as busts leaguewide.



Chuck's column


A single man has Denver bitterly divided. The team he runs, many say ruins, is sagging. His ethics are nonexistant. The team chemistry in the locker room and the front office is terible.

In times like these, our city would need the Demons to shine. To produce more than escapism and freaky and often tasteless entertainment.

We need the Demons to provide us with values, with an illuminated path. We need a vision.

Too bad the guy who has to deliver it is GM Klaus von Meyerinck. So we probably will never see that vision.

Well, at least the Demons even under KvM finally have started some sort of rebuilding.

Here's the easy part:

KvM has run down the locker room, it's talent as well as the mood in it. The Demons are standing at 7-17 and look like they will have a Top 1 - 5 pick at the end of the season if this trend continues.

Here's another easy part:

Contracts of veterans Dong Richardson and Ervin Glaser are expiring and owner James Anderson has already made it very clear that KvM is under strict order to let them walk.

Both guys are in a terrible state. Richardson gets all the playing time in the world, but the former Heikkinen winner with the SunKings has checked out mentally and demanded a trade nearly every day for a month now. Chances are however that he will suffer under KvM for the entire year and the Demons will suffer under his total lack of commitment on court. Lately Richardson finished almost 30 minutes playing time with 1 (!) rebound. One. It's a shame, Dong!

Glaser is a different and very sad story. KvM has elected the former world class playmaker to become his eating buddy. For 8 weeks now Glaser is spending every evenening with KvM in a wide variety of restaurants. It shows, Glaser could easyly sign up for the "Biggest loser" TV show.

Yesterday head coach Bo Balzer ordered Glaser to take a 40 yard dash. "I wasn't expecting wider receiver speed, like 4,50 over 40 or something like that", said Balzer.

But what he saw made him shiver. Glaser walzed out of the starters block, looking like a twin brother of KvM. Balzer broke up the test after 4,50 and 40. Unfortunately Glaser took 40 seconds for the first four and half yards.

All this, as cynical as it may sound, will help the Demons to finally get serious about rebuilding.

Now here's the not so easy part:

After a surprise trade with the Marauders the Demons look like THE cemetery for OBWL's early busts.

Denver now has three guys on its roster that are coming from the 2025 draft. They went 5, 11 and 12 and that is looking great on paper for a rebuild.


Your #5 pick is no other than the already infamous Francis Ellender. The young PG has been written off by the Marauders who seem to know what they are doing. Ellender is said to lack focus, to have character issues, he was hyped at the draft but not only did he not progress ever since, many think that he even declined and is a sure bust.

#11 pick is the Demons' own Carroll Lerch who is driving HC Bo Balzer nuts already. "He's playing behind Greg Fore, he's as fast as Greg, even faster and I'm telling the kid to just watch and learn from the master", Balzer says. Instead Lerch may outdribble defenders by pure speed but somehow he seems to freeze in the paint, even more so since he's still way way to slim and could use 20 pounds of sheer muscle. So far Lerch physically just isn't up for OBWL and he seems to panic when hitting shots. It clearly shows in his stat lines.

#12 pick is Rubin Davis who looks more promising than Lerch. But what would you make of a guy that managed to not have played a single minute in OBWL but instead is on his third team after being drafted a little over one year ago? Both Buzzards and Marauders gave up on him quickly. That should tell us a lot given how good those teams are.

Anyone else to be doubted? Of course.

There's PG Julius Atherton, the #2 pick from 2022 who in his fourth year can look back at this: a reputation like Ellender as a bust, some decisive time with the Evolution that broke him, short stints with the Sharks and the Blaze and now the Demons as team #4 in as many years of pro basketball. Oh, we forgot to mention his constant inconsistency when shooting the ball.

And finally you have SG Jamel Tomlin who looks like at least two steps ahead of the other guys, but even for him the Demons are the third team in his third year as a pro, and Tomlin, while looking solid, has opted for FA after this year and who knows what his agents will demand and what the Demons are willing to pay, if they want to keep him at all. A good player, but no solid bet for the future.

Need more problems?

The roster is brutally unbalanced, all the young guys, however questionable they may be, are playing guard or wing. Big men? It's a revolving door in Denver with FA list pickups, desperate rotations of young guys who wouldn't even be a backup at a top team but are starting for Denver. Like Jason Slagle who perfectly represents another problem: the so called bigs in Denver are really small bigs, the Demons are woefully undersized, thus losing the rebound battles night in and night out.

All this may come with the territory of rebuilding.

If only we could trust KvM to get the job done. Hell, what am I writing here? We all know that he will screw up.

And if only one guy we haven't mentioned so far doesn't enter front office these days to say this: I want out.

Truth be told: Would you want to waste your prime under KvM when your name was Greg Fore?

If he walks, there will be no illuminated path in Denver for years. There will be nothing but darkness instead.


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