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Tuesday, 25 February 2020 18:40

Dragoons' Hitch on the hot seat

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The Dragoons owner likes to make profits and is normally quiet.  When Blake Cain speaks, people listen. 

There are general managers in the league who believe it is in the best interest for the Dragoons General Manager to tank this season.  Cain has never been one to worry about winning or losing.  However, yesterday, he told the press that he is expecting improvements this season.  "I do not put up with players and coaches not giving their best.  These fans pay good money to come see our team play every night.  This team will not tank.  They will play hard and improve or changes will happen somewhere," the owner stated.

What does this mean for Hitch?  If the team tanks, they get a high draft pick.  This would enable the team to get one of the best college players in the draft.  This may also help the team in the long run, but fans may not come to games this year or buy season tickets next.  This means Hitch is in a no win situation one could say.  if he wins this year, the owner is happy.  The fans want a championship team and a team that can win each year.

Rumors are the Kevin became frantic after the statement.  He wants to keep his job but he also wants the city to have a team they can be proud of.  Other general managers have stated Hitch has been trying to improve his team but doesn't like the offers for Motley.  They also state Baranowski seems to be untouchable. 

After this statement by Cain,  Hitch seemed to have a problem with another general manager.  It appears he wanted to trade an injured Griffen to the Blaze.  Griffen is still on the injured list and has been for awhile.  Of course he would not pass a physical and the trade was vetoed.  League sources would not say who is involved in the trade. 

Is this a trade to please Cain now or to improve the team in the long run?  Is it possible for it to be both?



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