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Friday, 21 February 2020 20:30

Dragoons season over already?

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The Dragoons started the year at 3-5.  The team is loaded with young talented players.  Coach Kolby had anticipated a slow start as players learned how to play in the league.  He knew it was take time for the game to slow down for the players.

What he did not expect was one of his first round picks going out with an injury.  This was followed by a second starter going down.  Fort Worth has lost 11 straight games and are 1-11 since Ibanez went down with the injury.  He has seen spot duty in the last two games after disconnecting his shoulder.  His injury was anticipated for 29 days.  On top of that Griffen is expected out another 50 days with Plantar Fasciitis. 

The team is bad in about every stats with a few exceptions.  The team can't rebound on offensive or the defensive end.  The team can't hit a three or a jumper.  General Manager Hitch's team lacks interior defense and the ability to block a shot.  The team does not turn over the ball and they do defend the perimeter.

Players look as lost as the coach.  It seems there is a different line up every night.  There is not a set rotation.  Mazzola and Todd were signed to play important parts.  However, Kolby has had them start one game and not play at all the next.

Baranowski appears to be having a coming out party, but no one to assist him.  Motley has been available according to trade rumors.  However, there has not been a trade offer that Hitch has acted upon.  The team needs to find a defensive presence on the inside.

The teams record is the worst in the league.  Is the team that bad? Is the coaching staff that bad? Will the team have the number one pick next year?

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