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Sunday, 26 January 2020 21:24

Dragoons ready to start the season

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There are many questions for the Dragoons this year.  They include: Can Granger be replaced? Will Motley stay with the team or be traded? Is the team a play off team?  What will the starting line up look like?  Will this team play an inside game or shoot from behind the arc?  Is the team strong enough defensively to win any ball games? What kind of defense will you play?

The Dragoons General Manager is responsible for putting the team together.  In theory, he gets the guys that his second year coach, Koby Kurzyna, can utilize. Some would argue that last years team tanked the last part of the season to secure a good draft pick.  Others would say the team is just that bad.

What is new this year? Mazzola is back with the team.  He played for Fort Worth many years ago.  He is a lifetime scorer at 15 ppg, 26 minutes per contest and a 44% shooting percentage.  The 6'11 player may play center or power forward.  He can score but can he defend anyone.

Aaron Todd is another big man that signed.  He also signed a one year deal.  He has a good inside shot and has the ability to clear the offensive boards.  Ethan Budd had a strong sophomore season.  In 35 minutes of play, he put in 15 a game. He is a strong defender but lacks the stamina needed to have more success.

Wings should be a strength for Fort Worth.  Edward Baranowksi is entering his fifth year.  Once he was inserted into the starting line-up, he proved he could play.  He worked extremely hard this off-season and had one of the league's best training camps. He was rated eighth best for training camp improvements. He gained in both shooting and defense.  There is no question he is the starter at the three.  Many believe he could be the face of the franchise.  He brings great value for the next four years and is making less than 10 million per year.  This led to questions on why Ibanez was selected?

The 19 year old looks ready to play right now.  He has speed and stamina with outstanding perimeter defensive skills.  He as great potential to be an elite scorer.  He rated number one at overall gains and second in shooting for camps.  He will make the team, but how many minutes will he play and how does he get them with Motley on the team?  Gerald Mathews was also added to play the wing.  He was obtained via a draft day trade.   The twenty year old may start in the D league.  Sources thought the Dragoons would take Vela who had more potential.

Three players were signed to play the point.  Two were veterans.  Griffen and Wikes were signed.  Both are in their thirties and lost some quickness, but are quicker then the new rookie.  Griffen knows the offense and may see significant minutes.  Young was drafted with the twentieth overall pick which was also obtained on draft day.  He developed his passing and handling skills but may not be quick enough to play the point at the pro level.  It is anticipated that he may see a year in the D league also.

Coach Koby was locked in the office with his staff.  He declined to speak to the press.  Sources say there were heated conversations on what players would be starting, coming off the bench, going to the D league and who would be cut.



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