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Saturday, 25 January 2020 03:37

Americans Lure Sniper, Set to Decline Options

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Being over the salary cap coming into the free agency period the Americans had very few cards to play so they had to be wise about the way they spent their remaining cash.

Philadelphia did have use of their MLE and LLE but their attention quickly turned to young journeyman center Gregory Brown. Both the Snipers and Brown himself seemed uninterested in a return to Sacramento and Philadelphia seized the opportunity to sign the young seven foot center to just a $900k contract.

"We're not sure why there was such a lack of interest in Gregory Brown but we really like what we see in his skill set. We love his efficiency ratings and we're hoping to work out a new deal with him to keep him in Philli for the long term" said Philadelphia's General Manager.

Philadelphia ended the period by chasing a bunch of guys tall enough and quick enough to combat the leagues new trend of playing over-sized guards at the point position. When quizzed about these acquisitions Gibson said "There are some teams that are trailblazers and this new creation of giant point guards needs some attention. We've deliberately approached guys with that sort of height and skills to combat this new innovation. They each know that their time will be limited and preseason will be their time to shine".

Rumors have also been circulating about the futures of rookie contracted players Brant Dillingham and Stephen Grizzle. According to sources both players have been told that the upcoming pre-season games will determine their playing futures in Philadelphia. As part of the teams new financial way forward the pair have been put on notice to prove themselves worthy of their combined $6.5 millions dollar in contracts.

"It's true that both Brant and Stephen have been approached. Regardless both have a playing spot for the remainder of the year unless things change but in the clubs future outlook we need players on the court if they are on long term contracts no matter how large or small those contracts are. Both players were very understanding so we'll see what happens for them in pre-season", such a move will be unprecedented in a Gibson run team.


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