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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 22:35

Draft Review from the Dragoons Camp

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There was already a draft recap done, but I thought I would send out a little bit more from the Dragoons point of view.

There is a daft every season.  Each year, there are a million people acting as general managers from their couch.  Each of these individuals believe they know what is best not only for their team and the needs of every other general manager in the league.  Today, we will evaluate what really happened in the draft.

There was no surprise with the number one pick.  Chicago Blaze took C Byron Dambrosio.  The big man from Maryland goes to a team that is still in rebuild mode.  Can he be the superstar to change the fate of this franchise.

Portland is another team that has struggled over the years.  Trent is always looking to make trades or moves to help his team. So far, his owner has backed the general manager through nine losing season in a row.  The fans have become restless and wonder how he has kept is job.  The Lumberjacks took SF Marcel Bradley. He was rated the fourth best high school prospect in 2025.

Fort Worth took SG Geraldo Ibanez.  Hitch, who had already had a lucky bounce to get the third draft pick, had to have been elated.  Some would argue that “Jerry”, as he prefers to be called, is the best player in the draft.  However, the Sunkings GM, believed the guys was not top three talent.  Will Motley’s contract be renewed after this pick?

Anaheim was not sure who would fall to them.  Yet, Eric knew he would get a quality prospect.  Some GMs believe this was the first surprise of the draft.  In a draft class full of wings, the Archers took a defense beast, PF William Azevedo.  He was named last season to first team Big East Conference.  This guy could be the best rookie defender in the league. He is also able to alter shots and bring the boards.  Many managers praised the pick, but Jian of London stated this guy may be a bust.  The Sharks seems to agree with the Lian.

Greg from the Blaze was up again at number five.  He already had a big man.  This left him in great position with so many potential difference makers available.  The draft room debated on who would best fit their team and ultimately selected SF Jose Lui.  One team spokes person stated he got the two best players in the draft.

The top five picks were in and there were lottery prospects available like Vella and Hoopes.

The Coyotes select Hoopes next.  The power forward has lots of potential and Biddle will try to get the most out of him.  This 18 year-old was the number one high school prospect in 2025. He earned many accolades in his only year in the Big 12: Conference Freshman of the Year, First Team All-Conference and Freshman All-American.  He has the potential to be the best player of the draft. 

The Blackjacks took one of the best scorers in the draft with the seventh pick. SF Thomas Carter should help light up the board for the new General Manager Michael Olson.

The draft got a little exciting at this point.  The Sun Kings were on the clock.  Dom and Kevin had been talking trades before the draft.  The Dragoons would not budge on the third overall pick. Dom mentioned that he would give up a draft pick for Nottingham. The point guard was drafted ninth in 2023.  Word came out that Hitch wanted the number eight pick instead of the number nine that was offered.  Vela, who was rated a top three pick by many, was still on the board.  The Dragoons traded Norbert Cottingham to St. Louis for the #8 and #20 pick. Dom claims he was told by Fort Worth that they were taking Vela.  The Sun Kings had the ninth pick too, but gave up control by giving up the higher pick.

In a surprise to Dom, the Dragoons left Vela on the board and took SF Gerald Mathers.  There was also a look of surprise in Fort Worth’s draft room.  Did Hitch lie on the pick? Dom claims he did.  Did he change his mind or did someone put the wrong name on the selection card?  After the trade, the Dragoons had just moments to make the pick

At number nine, SF Erick Patrick, another talented wing was selected.  The Archers and Chaos managers both liked the pick.

The top ten was filled out by Vela.  The drama was over for him.  The Pioneers have to be elated that he dropped so far.  With Ben Johnsons experience, this young man could make nine other teams wish they had taken him including the Dragoons and the Sun Kings.

At eleven, the Sea Dogs took PF Kenneth Moy.  This was considered a reach by many.  The Sun Kings were back up and took PF Carlo Jordan. 

The next four picks were all guards to the Muscle, Archers, Americans and Huskies: SG Blair Bedard, SG James Ross, SG Shelton Hagerty and SG Ernest Schenck. Big men would go to the Sharks and Thunderbirds on the next two selections of PF Dennis Evans and C Ken Redman.

The Dragoons were up next with the pick obtained in the trade.  After trading away his starting point guard, Hitch took PG Hector Young, the first one of the board.  This guy is not Cottingham although he has better ball skills.  Hitch was already being teased for having an all wing team.  The Sharks with their second first round pick took another PF in  Saul Warrington.  Jay, the Sharks gm, believes this was a good value pick for Reid.

The rest of the first round were all wings also.  The rest of the draft was SG Richard Koons to the Invaders, SG Jame Trotman to the Marauders, SG Gilberto Molina to the Inferno, SF George Adams to the Archers with their third first round pick, SF Harold Hostetler to the Marauders on their second late first round pick, SF Tyson Zavala to the Knights, who are back to back league champions and SF Gary Tyler to the Inferno.

The Blaze may have come out the most improved team from the draft.  There are many general managers that have rated his draft as excellent.  Next up for the scouts and general managers, who have already spent hours on the draft, is free agency.  After that is training camp.  Time will tell if todays moves were right or wrong for the teams and players.

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0 #2 Ben Johnson 2020-01-15 15:00
This is would have been a good cover story.
0 #1 Eric Stelle 2020-01-15 12:18
"Can he be the superstar to change the fate of this franchise?"

No, but he'll be good.

Jerry?? Catrinas is very disappointed in "Jerry"...

Nottingham... maybe Cottingham? However, this brings light on a wasted opportunity to dub him the "Sheriff of Cottingham" though. Get on that Dom!

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