Thursday, 07 November 2019 23:17

The Unexpected

Written by Florent Thuram
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When Lynwood Emmert broke his arm with one game left in the season, the collective opinion of everyone - include Snipers fans - was that the season was over. The series against the Americans was to be just a formality, and the team would start planning for 2025. Apparently, the team decided to prove us all wrong in a big way.

Lead by the newly nicknamed Gregory "Freaking" Santiago, the Snipers put on a brute-force inside clinic and swept Philly 4-0. The 3rd year PF ranks 2nd in the playoffs for point with 27.5 ppg, and leads in rebounds with 14.5 rpg. The main decided for all 4 games was the disparity in personal fouls. The Snipers drew 124 fouls in the 4 games, while committing only 54. And if that trend continues, watch for the Snipers to create the unexpected again.

SacTown faces Tampa Bay next, in a battle between the only two teams to sweep their 1st round opponents. Can Hunter Heath keep the Tritons on their winnings ways? Or will Freaking Santiago create another upset?

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