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Monday, 30 September 2019 16:37 Written by Kevin Hitch
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2025 All Star Skills Competition Review

Philadelphia's Renato Ardoin and Honolulu's Michael Weathersby are the best at what they do... again!


RimRocker Slam Dunk Contest

We are at the All-Star break.  Some players are taking a rest while others want to prove they are the best at dunking or sinking threes.  The first competition was the rim-rockers contest for those who believed they were the best in the league at dunking the ball.

Todays Contestants:

Michael Weathersby is from the Inferno.  The 25 year-old SF won the 2020 slam dunk competition in his rookie year.   He has proven that he has a chance to win.

Noel Black coming from the Buzzards.  This 24 year old point guard believes he can do slams with the best in the league.

Timothy Adler is representing the SunKings.  He is a 25 year-old small forward who is known for putting the ball in the hoop.  He is back again this year after being a runner up last year.

Irving Silas comes from the LumberJacks.  He is another SF.  At just 23, he wants to prove he can compete

Joe Spurlock will represent the Sharks.    Spurlock is 6’6, 25 year old SG and is known for his vertical leaps.  He is the 2021 dunk champion and hopes to get another title.

David Kitchens comes from Pioneers squad.  He is a 6’3 shooting guard known for his break-away dunks.  He is being invited back for the second straight year.

The first round was close as normal.   Weathersby scored the best at 49.9 followed by Black at 48.9 and Adler with a close 48.4.  Silas scored 46.7 followed by Spurlock with a disappointing 46.2 and Kitchen who was equally upset with his low 44.5 score.

In the finals, Weathersby brought down the house with a vertical leap.  He caught the ball off the bounce while getting eye -level to the rim.  He then flushed the ball through the hoop with his right hand.   This highlight dunk outdid Black.  The Buzzard had the help of his teammate Deans.  Noel cleared the 7’2" Center and brought a round of applause from the crowd, but he missed on other attempts which lead to his defeat.   The winner, determined by fan voting, was Weathersby (72.2%) over Black (27.8%).

SupremeTM Three Point Showdown

There are other guys who think they are the best three-point shooter to lay hands on a basketball.  This year returns three previous champions, Renato Ardoin, Cleveland Hall and Brian MontesGreg Fore is back looking for another chance.  Andrew Lawler and Dennis Pichardo are new comers who are looking to make a name for themselves. 

PIchordo is a 26 year-old shooting guard from the Highlanders.  Many critics wonder how he got into the competition.  He has a lifetime average behind he arc of just .365.  It is the lowest of any participant.  Lawler, on the other hand, is shooting .522.  The Marauder believes he can win the contest.   Greg Fore is one of the Demons superstars.  He is averaging 28 ppg.  He returns to the competition in hopes of bringing home the trophy. 

Montes is entering the twilight of his career.  At 34, the 2020 champion, can still shoot the ball.  Ardoin from the Americans is younger at 31.  He is the 2024 champion and is a career .453 shooter.  Hall is the Invaders representative.  Many general managers believe his is a first ballot hall of famer.  He has a career average of 26 ppg and is a .426 three-point shooter.

Pichardo only scored 10 points validating other players' beliefsthat he shouldn’t have been invited.  Fans believed Matt Torres should have been back.  Lawler finished fifth with 11 points. Renato lit up the scoreboard with 20 points to top everyone.  Fore was up next up with 13 points.  This would leave him at second place with Hall and Montes left.  The two tied at 14 each to get them to the finals with Ardoin.

Hall and Montes would score 18 and 16.  Ardoin missed his first couple of shots in the finals before getting hot.  He hit each of the bonus shots for a total of 21 points.  This would give him his second championship in a row and overall.



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