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Thursday, 18 October 2018 09:44

The World's Greatest

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St.Louis, MO - It was not a big surprise when St. Louis Sunkings Timothy Adler was selected to represent the AmCon in the 2023 Allstar game, especially since he has been there already last season and is playing a lot better this year. What has been a surprise however, was the fact, that even though he went to Anaheim for the Allstar Weekend, he actually only showed up in the dunk contest. So while he was officially on the roster of the Allstar game, he did not play one single second, didn't even show up in the boxscore. But what has happened? Some fans were expecting some kind of injury during the dunk contest at first, but the real reason was a different one.

Shortly after the game ended, news spread, that Adler was kicked out of the team by coach Irwin Bennett, due to "unprofessional behaviour". Rumour has it, that Adler was extremely pissed after being kicked out after round one of the dunk contest and started insulting other players of the allstar squad. While he obviously wasn't happy to yet again start behind Dong Richardson and Domenic Baum, just like at the Sunkings, he lashed out at Indiana Invaders SG Cleveland Hall by telling him - quote: "You should not get any minutes on this team with Timothy Adler around. If it was for me, you'd pack your things and go, you ugly living fossil of a Shooting Guard. It takes you 10 more minutes of play time to score the same amount that I do, what kind of joke is it to still have you on an Allstar team?"
What the cocky 23 year old didn't notice however, was coach Bennet entering the locker room shortly before Adler started to insult Hall. The veteran coach immediately acted and told Adler to leave the locker room and "his team".

A few hours later, Adler was seen at the "Delta Hotel Anaheim" with Snipers youngster Lynwood Emmert, who later on got involved in criminal affairs

We met up with Timothy Adler yesterday, after the Sunkings win over the SeaDogs for a quick talk. Being asked what happened in Anaheim, Adler shortly replied: "I am the world's greatest, the best player in the game. It's a joke that I'd have to split minutes with a 33 year old, worn-out fossil. I am the future of this team and the future of this league, how in the world would fans rather see Cleveland Hall than Timothy Adler. Whoever made the decision to bring that dude on the squad as well gotta be nuts!"
When PG Herbert Hoang, Adlers best friend on the Sunkings squad, was asked what he has to say about his mate being kicked out of the allstar game, Hoang said: "Timmy was pissed. He called me after the dunk contest, complaining how the jury was rigged and didn't appreciate his skills. My guess is that he already went to the allstar weekend really upset after reading a preview article about it, where Invaders GM Matt Reid said something like the only reason Timmy puts up good numbers is, because he plays against bench players. That really triggered him."

While there obviously was a lot of controversy around Adler, the shooting guard showed his skills during lasts week, where the Sunkings went 4-0. Adler was named as the AmCons player of the week, averaging 27.5p, 7reb, 2ast and 1 steal per game. He put his game where his mouth was obviously.

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