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Thursday, 18 January 2018 15:53

Tumultuous Relationship Brewing Between Media and Sharks GM

Written by Phil Cabana
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MIAMI (AP) - - One of the unspoken story lines within OBWL this season has been the relationship (or lack thereof) between some General Managers and the media. Rumors have swirled among those in the know and close to the organization that General Manager Lay had instituted a "media blackout" for the majority of the season. While some have pointed out the teams success and the GM's willingness to talk shop and deals with many of his peers daily, others are objecting to the lack of communication coming out of South Florida.

It began during a routine Press Conference when the GM exploded on a local columnist after a crushing road loss to the Dragoons in November when the Sharks blew a 9 point halftime lead on what was the fourth loss in a row. The reporter began asking the GM whether the recent string of losses could be impacting the ongoing negotiations of some of South Florida's key upcoming free agents. 

"Look, this is a waste of your time and mine. I am not going to speculate about my players during the middle of the season. We could sit here all day and I could speak in flowery language and sell you on the "legacy" or "story" of each of my guys, but at the end of the day, what does that do? Its all speculation and PR spin. This organization focuses on outcomes and stats. I don't give a (expletive) about the touchy-feely stories or speaking publicly about how this team will be ran.  Some of these teams are more concerned with whats scribbled in the rags than even trying to properly read stat lines or improve their squad."

As the Sharks continued to struggle to find their footing in a loaded National East Division, the silence was deafening. Some critiques began suggesting the team and its GM were 'checking out," but many sources within the organization would point out some of the trade efforts and ongoing dialogue GM lay would have with fellow GMs about their teams and the league in general. 

"Don't get it twisted, he (GM Lay) has his finger on the pulse of this league and he focuses his time and energy each day to try and improve this team and continue the success we have had. The Sharks aren't a joke no more" - David Witherspoo's excerpt from "OBWL Inside Stuff". 


While the regular season had its ups and downs, many in the league quickly left the Sharks for dead in the first round. The common angle in many columnists' articles was simple: Boston beat the Sharks the season before and with such a rich history and experience on their side, it only made sense for Boston to win again. 

"We heard the critics and people, but a lot of the media gets lazy man. Its easier to see a familiar name or brand and just go with that. Very few take the time to really get to know who and what we are about."  We gave them (Boston) problems last year and they got lucky. We knew we were deeper and hungrier than Boston. I couldn't wait to snatch the playoff life out of them" stated Quentin Bryson after the series. QB went on to score 24/13 line with 6 blocks in a  crucial game 2 win. 


Even after sweeping a divisional foe who the Sharks were targeting most of the season, the Gm was still not happy. 


"Look, QB, Gluck, Bahena, and Claud are all playing well and filling their roles. We are here to win and gameplan how to beat London. They are one of the best teams in the league and are the reigning, defending, champions. We are here to compete and see who can be the best team, not who can create the most buzz and drama through the media. I want to be the best GM I can be for the team that wants to employ me, not pretend to be some mythical storyteller. I'll leave that to others."


After impressing many by employing a new depth chart utilizing one of Lay's favorite signings, Arthur Fiscus, the Sharks pushed the defending champ to Game 7 where they came just short. 


After leaving early the day of what should have been the end of season press conference, GM Lay left the building. As a result, the GM is facing possible league punishment for ignoring a league sanctioned presser. We will have more as this tumultuous series of events continues to unfold. 



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