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Friday, 19 May 2017 07:23

Richardson with career high, quiet towards media

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St.Louis, MO - "They took a swing of the Dong, that's all I will say about it." When Sunkings Power Forward Dong Richardson was asked about his career high performance in a win versus the Americans, that was everything he had to say to the media. A short and punny statement of an apart from that quite direct and mouthy superstar. So you had to wonder, what was the reason? 

Richardson's St. Louis Sunkings had just won an away game in Philadelphia in which he scored a career high 51 points, going 20-34 from the field and 9-14 from the charity stripe. Furthermore he added 11 rebounds and 4 assists to his boxscore in the 116-121 win. Just recently, at Allstar break, Richardson was once again mouthy. Back then he targeted the Boston Buzzards, who had no player representing them at the Allstar game. Also over the last few years, Richardson was always kind of a aggressive talker that loved to seek attention. His record performance gace him all reason to be all over the news, but Richardson decided otherwise. Sure, to say "they took a swing of the Dong" is quite borderline again, but in the past, this performance would probably have ended in a statement that would have insulted half of Philadelphia and especially their GM Jay Amado. So things are different nowadays in St. Louis, which is why Richardson's management was contacted about it.  But they also declined to give a longer statement. A few hours later, an official Sunkings office explanation gave clarification as it stated, that players are forbidden to go in contact with any media for the last two weeks of the season.

The Sunkings are in battle for homecourt and are currently just 1 game back of the #3 seed. It is said that headcoach Clay Houck wants his player to only focus on the last set of games, which can decide whether the Sunkings can succeed past round #1 in the playoffs. Players had to sign a special agreement, that prohibits them from going public in any channel, they even had to shut down their twitter and facebooks acounts until the end of the season.

It is a deciding time in St. Louis and homecourt can be critical for them. If they can't manage to reach the second round of the playoffs, they face the risk of losing Dong Richardson, who is said to want to play for a contender. St. Louis has a bright future ahead of them, but whether Richardson will take that risk and sign a longterm contract in St. Louis after dropping out in round 1 of the playoffs is doubtful. So it's on in St. Louis!

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