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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 18:06

Thunderbirds GM Simpson Responds to Buzzards Comments

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Boston Buzzards GM Jason Warnke is known for not shying away from voicing his opinions and he didn't hold back on any critics regarding the Malik Campbell trade or his trading practices, including taking shots at Thunderbirds GM Nick Simpson. News out of Boston quickly spread to Arizona to Simpson, who was less than impressed by comments coming from the Buzzards camp. "Josh..Jace..whatever the guy’s name is over there in Boston is always spouting off about something," Simpson responded when asked about Warnke's comments.

When asked specifically about Warnke's comment about being handed a silver platter of all-stars, which is speculated to be aimed at Simpson for taking over a team with the likes of Harry White and Noah Gutierrez, the fifth year GM was more talkative than usual. "Look guys like (Warnke) are scared of new GMs who come into this league and have immediate success. He's been at this for a long time and he doesn't have much to show for it. He loves to talk about his record over his time in Boston, and also leave out the years he wasn't so successful which I find funny," Simpson said with a laugh, "but every night when he's sitting in his office staring at his runner-up banner he asked to be hung, deep down he's scared he'll never be able to get a ring. That's all this big talk is...just trying to cover up his fear."

When pressed more regarding the team he inherited, Simpson said, "Yes, I took over for a team with some great talent. There's no one debating that, but it takes more than talent to win a championship. Just look at Boston. They've had talent for years and have only reached the Cup once. (Warnke) has no problem stealing other teams' silver from their platters and leaving dog shit in its place. At least I did something with my silver platter." Simpson who is normally type-lipped in press interviews wouldn't back down when a reporter asked a question about the Thunderbirds recent record against the Buzzards. "Yeah, they've had some success against us recently," Simpson said, "but I don't care about regular season records. I care about championships. They could sweep us every year and I wouldn't care as long as we are the last team standing."


Asked whether winning a championship with the current Thunderbirds roster, which contains only two players that were on the roster when Simpson first took over, would feel more rewarding, Simpson responded, "No. I don't give a shit what other GMs think about me or whether I earned a championship or not. I did what I had to do with that team to be successful and I'm going to do the same with this team." No one knows whether this will be the end of the feud between the two GMs, but one thing is for certain - the Thunderbirds and Buzzards matchups this season will be highly anticipated.

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