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Friday, 02 December 2016 14:08

Manhattan Meltdown

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New York - Another season is in the books and the Swing have found themselves looking in from the outside. Literally one win away from a second straight playoff birth, but as we all know...Almost doesn't count. Head coach Irwin Bennett could have seen his last with the swing. The 2nd year head coach had an abysmal 106-134 record with the team in his 3 year stint. Although nothing is certain, Bennett could have coached his last with Manhattan. Also of note starting center Maurice Pokrajac's contract is up now that the season has ended and his future also doesn't look certain. "We're going to explore our options. We still have some scouting to do and we'll see if something enticing is our there. If not we have no shortage of cash to resign him", said a disappointed Songer.

          At the beginning of the Season the swing had a promising start. Boasting a high powered offense the kept them in most games. Defensively most players grandmothers could drop a triple double on any given night. One bright spot this season is PG Todd Butterfield was named to the All-Defensive first team, but nobody on the team seemed to have helped in this cause. Mid season was riddled with injuries, losing 3 starters in total, and the team never seemed to get right. Stewart Askew found his play decline post injury, as did Ezra Ney. Both players lost starting roles and the Swing found themselves in catchup mode for most of the season.

          As we put a final stamp on this season, Manhattan had playoff aspirations and looked as if they were in a drivers seat to claim a spot. Within a one month long period, the Swing found themselves losing 13 of 15 games. With what looked like playoffs quickly became a possible lottery pick. We asked Nate Songer how he felt about the results of the season and this is what he told us. "I feel bad for our team. Ezra specifically took a large pay cut and a significant role change to stay with us. The kid just wants to win. Stanley came here to win. Todd wants to win...hell we all want to win. This season is just a punch to the gut. We will recover from this however, I mean this is the first year this team has really played together, so the future does look bright. I'm just not a fan of the waiting game." We had no idea of what to make of this statement, but what looked to an upward Swing, turned out to be a Manhattan meltdown.

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