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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 11:38

Cabana Chat with the South Florida Sharks New GM

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Welcome everyone to Cabana Chat, your number one source for what is happening in southern Florida sports. While the Miami Marlins continue to steal our tax money and break our collective hearts, we now have a new source of hope: The Sharks. Now, I know you are probably chuckling at least a little bit after as the team continually disappoints, but things are already looking to turn around under the new regime. Many are wondering exactly who is General Manager Jeramy Lay, and you know Phil Cabana has the inside scoop! Welcome Jeramy, how are you doing today?

GM Lay: Doing well. Thank you for having me. 

Many fans initially bought into the hype and "vision" of former GM AJ Perko, but the results never matched what he promised. What is your vision and how do you expect it to play out?

GM Lay: I am not going to lay out some kind of weird system where I over-promise and under-deliver. Basketball is not a video game where you can find a cheat code to win. There is not a special formula that you need to crack. It is organic...fluid. Once you put yourself in a box, you are in trouble. 

Fair enough, but we know the old regime loved defense and point guards. How do you feel about the team as it was put together?

GM Lay: When I joined the team, people were expecting sweeping changes from the beginning. That is not how I work. I told the staff and players I would give them all an opportunity to prove themselves and from there, we will grade each out and decide if they fit into our plans or not. Like I was saying, I do not buy into the notion of building every team the exact same way. You play to your strengths and try to mask your weaknesses. 

That may be true, but you already retooled your coaching staff and brought in three free agents to play key minutes. 

GM Lay: We came into off-season with a little money to spend. The team from the season before was one of the worst in the league. We needed offense and depth. We were lucky enough to reach deals with some players who understood that this would be a slow project and agreed to help with the rebuild. We went after numerous free agents and missed...Many did not have the patience join a team with such a lousy reputation. That is okay. We knew some free agents wanted to chase rings or more money. That is okay. We wanted guys here who truly bought into the team. 

At this point, trade rumors with the Sharks has been fairly quiet. Will this be normal to expect during your tenure? 

GM Lay: Early on...probably. Like I said before, we want to give a fair evaluation of what we have and don't have. I brought in some amazing scouts for this very reason. Once we get a feel of this team, we will begin testing the waters. I am always willing to hear out an offer, but without our draft pick this year, we are caught in a tough spot. 

Tough Spot...Care to elaborate?

GM Lay:  This team is not built to win over the long haul. We have some youth, but it lacks a star. This year we will look to be competitive and get an idea on which players and coaches we feel will help us rebuild this team. We cannot begin to do that until we have our draft picks. Next season we will make the final call on whether we are a few pieces away from being a contender, or if we need to tear it down and build from scratch. This season will help us make that tough call. 

Rebuild from scratch? You are 2-0 already!

GM Lay: Let's temper expectations a bit. Our players have played well so far into the season, but this team will not go undefeated. The Americans outplayed us in nearly every facet of the game, we were just lucky enough to have the ball bounce our way. We are hoping to be fortune enough to give the great fans here in Florida a competitive team. It is a long season and many a GM get lost in the fool's gold that preseason and early season wins can provide. 

Enough about the team, tell us about you! A report came out recently acknowledging your relationship with the GM of the Demons, for instance.

GM Lay: I have previous GMing experience, but it was in other leagues across the world. While that is helpful in my approach, I also understand this is a different game with different players. It will take time to adapt to the OBWL game. GM Retz and I have known each other for almost two decades. Many may be concerned about that relationship helping us, but we both are very competitive people. He owns our first round pick this year and there is nothing I'd like more than to ruin it.  I look forward to a little feud with the Demons. They are a talented team and each win against them will taste just that much sweeter. 

Well you do play the Demons in Denver in your next game. It should be thrilling to see how the upstart Sharks do. Good luck GM Lay and thank you for your time. Hopefully we can have you back once you are further into your inaugural season. 

GM Lay: Anytime Phil. Thank you. 


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0 #1 Eric Stelle 2015-07-21 17:05
Wait a sec... a PR out of South Florida and not one rant about three pointers or unreasonable expectations of their players? WHO ARE YOU?? :)

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