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Saturday, 05 July 2014 00:28

The Rookie Diaries- End of Season

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   I have a lot to think about, it was a rough season for the team.   I know they thought they had a shot at making the playoffs, but after we traded Nate McMull for Devon Cambre-We, we never got things figured out.   I'm only a rookie, so I can't say too much but I hope management has a plan, because this season wasn't really much fun.

   I didn't expect to start, but I guess Coach  Dempsey was happy with my ball control and defense...  even though, to my frustration, my shooting was a liability.  The Sharks want to build a pass-first offense, which I'm cool with, it just seemed at times no one could get open and I had to take the shot, 35% is rather embarrassing.

  It was rough for everyone, especially us young guys.   I don't think Griff (Tony Griffith) is accustomed to shooting 40% either, Chris Medina hardly played, and Jae Shaefer made it known he didn't even want to touch the ball on offense.   I'm not even really sure what went wrong, or where we need to go to fix it.  When your playing teams whose centers shoot more 3 pointers than their guards, and there are no players available to match that style of play, it is a weird situation.   Hopefully, we can all get better.   Especially since the Sharks gave away their #1 pick, they don't have any long term crippling contracts, but no draft picks hurts.

   We have a team meeting on Monday, then GM A.J. Perko is going to meet with each of us before we start vacation.   Apparently, South Florida has a pretty intense weight training program.   Perko is an old rugby player who believes tougher is always the answer I'm told, and I guess, the way we rebounded this year maybe we should listen.  He's going to ask me what I plan to do between now and next season, I will get better, I have too.


Richard Voyles

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