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OBWL News Archive

  • "The Plan" +

    "I want to play for the better team." These were the words that closed the e-mail from the agency representing then-New Jersey Evolution forward Luis Engram on the opening day of free agency, after hearing an initial pitch from the Seattle Sea Dogs earlier that evening. All signs and expectations pointed to Engram returning to the team that had made him the youngest draft pick in OBWL history four years prior. What could not be Read More
  • Chaos Draft And Free Agency +

    The Los Angeles Chaos made it to the second round of the 2026 OBWL Playoffs, but were no match for the Kansas City Pioneers, who ended their run in 5 games. The Chaos entered the rookie draft with pick #16 in the first round and they chose the 22 year old SG from North Carolina, Grant Middleton. The 4-star recruit hails from Bedford, Virginia where he was an All-State high school athlete. As a Junior Read More
  • Sea Dogs Draft Review +

    Just days after introducing Jay Amado as the new general manager in Seattle to a mix of protests and fanfare about the Washington-raised local, the Sea Dogs quickly hit the scouting trail and began building their draft board. With just Charles Ackerman, Gerald Hay, Justin Evans, and Kenneth Moy on the roster heading into draft day, the pressure was on for the Sea Dogs to add pieces in an attempt to appease Ackerman, whom Amado Read More
  • Dragoons 2027.1 +

    It may come to a surprise to many, but General Manager Hitch was able to sign some players today. Fort Worth is a small market, but with low loyalty. It is so bad that the owner, Blake Cain, is paying millions to build a new stadium. The team will be moving to Toronto in 2029. Fan support could be low again this year. Rufus Motley is just 28 year old. He was originally drafted by Read More
  • Pee's out! Why Fore left Denver +

    Denver. Yes, we all know that the Denver Demons just started a new era. Greg Fore is gone, the team went on to rebuild, for the first time ever Denver went all in on the draft and today an avalanche of eight free agent hirings brought in another stream of fresh blood. And still. Greg Fore ist now officially an Anaheim Archer. How the hell did this happen? GM Klaus von Meyerinck spoke up today Read More
  • 2027 Rookie Draft Review +

      2027 Rookie Draft Review  Point guard Roman Roberson, the Southeast Conference Freshman of the Year last season for Mississippi State, will be rocking a San Diego Storm jersey this season.  Read More
  • Archers Draft and The Curse of Harry White +

    ANAHEIM, CA - It's not usual, in a league so infatuated with youth, to see a team poised to select some of the most talented and youngest players it's seen declare for the draft in a while bail out of a top pick. Deals in the lottery are not uncommon as the Pioneers showed last season when they moved all star guard Mack Lavoie to the Manhattan Swing for the rights to select Ambrose Vela. However, Read More
  • Seton Hall, Syracuse Double for Americans +

    For the second draft in a row the Philadelphia Americans looked to Seton Hall and Syracuse programs to recruit into the OBWL. With pick #26 in the 2027 draft the Americans selected Seton Hall point guard Rupert Dismuke, and Syracuse big man Emile Warren with pick #29. Just a year earlier the Americans selected Shelton Hagerty from Seton Hall and Philip Suiter from Syracuse. The Seton Hall, Syracuse double has some speculators suggesting a strong Read More
  • draft day trade +

    Portland, Or. Portland make a surprise trade heading into the draft sending their 13th overall pick to Denver and received former No 2 pick Julius Atherton. We sat down with the new GM and Portland point guard: Julius welcome to Portland, are you happy to be here? I am stoked to be here, I have been watching the talent that have come through this city and hope to revive my own career. Yoshida, Lawler, The Read More
  • News flash: Shockwaves in Denver as Demons trade Fore to Archers +

    Denver. Maybe it was a foregone conclusion from day one. Now it has happened. Greg Fore is gone. And in Denver fans are on the streets already, forming a lynchmob demanding the head of GM Klaus von Meyerinck. Literally. What has happened? How? Why? Shockwaves in Denver, Fore traded away, no one available for comment as of now. Looks like the Demons took a new road, fully rebuilding, using 4 draft picks to lay the Read More
  • Into the Great Wide Open +

    Pioneers Hire New Assistant, Face Uncertain Offseason KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- The Kansas City Pioneers today announced the hiring of new assistant coach Thomas Rousseau to a 3 year contract. Rousseau, 56, -- a former star guard for the French men's national basketball team -- brings over 25 years of experience coaching in the LNB Pro A league, the top-tier professional basketball league in France. This will be Rousseau's first time coaching in the OBWL. He replaces former Read More
  • Im back +

    Portland, Or. Its time. I will speak to the media today after my two year hiatus. Well actually it was more of a gaging order, either way, today I break my silence. I am Roger Desfontaines, most improving player and 1st team OBWL. I am the future. Questions: Roger, why the silence, in a time our city was starving for stories and success, where have you been in this past season? GM Trent sat me Read More
  • Bad news are no news +

    Denver. It's certainly no news that there's just bad news coming out of Denver. But it really looks like the Demons are in for another bad year. Not that the one they just finished was anything but... So here's the bad news at a glance: 1. The Demons are coming off a terrible season. A team without much of a heart or a soul barely managed a 20 plus win season, it played lousy most Read More
  • Dragoons time for a move +

    There have been rumors for years that Blake Cain wanted to move his team out of Fort Worth. The market size is small and fan loyalty has been poor. However, the city has a very high economy. Cain is not all about winning, but like most owners he wants to make money. The team has a nice stadium. It has a capacity of 18013. The Stable Center has 2130 club seats and 118 suite seats. Read More
  • Not te Result Wanted, but Still the Best for Snipers +

    High hopes fell flat in post-season. Failing to take the division championship that many people predicted, the Snipers exited the playoffs in round 2 for the second year in a row. However, seeing as they lost to the champions, and seeing as they took the first game in Tampa, it still makes this the best season on record for the Snipers. And so... another year done. What does 2027 bring? For starters, Octavio Morrison and Read More
  • 2026 OBWL Finals Preview +

      2026 OBWL Finals Preview Rising young stars Sheldon Perkins and Joe Aviles have helped push traditional league powers Boston and Tampa Bay back onto the big stage of the OBWL Finals. Read More
  • London Ends Season, Eyes Flowers +

    It has been some time since London found itself out of the playoffs in the first round. In fact, that was way back in 2018 during Year 2 of the Crumley and Larry era. It was the first time that the Knights made the playoffs under General Manager Lian’s watch. That year London lost 4-1 to Boston and the Buzzards went on to the Conference Finals. This year the Knights got swept by Vancouver, who Read More
  • Round 2 +

    A 4-1 series win against the Invaders moves the Snipers into round 2 of the playoffs, and into a repeat of last season. Once again it will be Sacramento vs Tampa, 2nd seed vs 3rd. This time will hopefully have a much different outcome, seeing as both Lynwood Emmert and Gregory Santiago are healthy this time around. "Our greatest asset is our depth," noted coach Gonzaga at the resent press conference for round 2. "In Read More
  • Season of Lumps, Season of Growth +

    ANAHEIM, CA - The annual sportswriter's poll for end of season awards has been completed. No surprise, Charles Flowers takes home MVP hardware and Jean Larry is DMVP. Those two practically own those awards in the past few seasons. Chicago's seven footer Byron Dambrosio took home the hardware much to the disappointment of Archer faithful. Many had hoped that Ray Weston would challenge for the award. Weston, a promising 6'9" forward from Syracuse spent all last Read More
  • Post-season and Awards +

    Some may recall the prediction made at the beginning of the season. Suffice it to say, the 56 wins and division championship did not materialize as predicted. The Snipers had to make do with only 46 in the W column (down one from last year), and 3rd seed again. That being said, prospects in the post-season are far more optimistic, with both Lynwood Emmert and Gregory Santiago healthy this time. With another prediction, as they Read More
  • OBWL Hall of Fame Class of 2026 +

      OBWL Hall of Fame Class of 2026 OBWL Hall of Famer Logan Goloboy scored with an ease and grace never before seen in a seven footer. Read More
  • American's Marching to Newton's Beat +

    In Philadelphia they believe John Newton is the best player in the league and right now he just might be. Newton's latest exploits include a 50 point game in a huge win against his former GM's South Florida outfit, a 37 point game against Seattle and a 33 point game in Portland. Newton dominated the last quarter against Portland after his American's trailed the Lumberjack's by nine points at the final break. Newton had the Read More
  • Dragoons Digest +

    The Dragoons are battling for the top pick in next years draft. So, what happens? Coach Kolby Kurzyna decided it was time to move his rookies down to the D league. He wanted them to get more playing time and to see if they could work through some things. At the same time, Griffen returned to the team at point guard. So, this is what happens. The guys playing are not giving up. The team Read More
  • Fore gone conclusion? +

    Denver. It's tough to be a Denver Demons fans these days. But it just might become even tougher. Greg Fore, the teams star, heart and soul, is demanding a trade once this season is over: "I want out", Fore said this week. That sent shockwaves through Denver. The Demons are in terrible shape. The season with just 15 wins in almost 50 games so far is lost already. The rebuilding is shaky at best. Veterans Read More
  • Chaos Mid-Season Report +

    The Chaos currently sit at the 8th seed in the American Conference if the playoffs started today. This is not where they expected to be at the beginning of the season. This is a let down and not an improvement over last season. Last year the Chaos were the 8th seed and were quickly eliminated by the Pioneers after 5 games. Just a month ago, the Chaos were nearly .500 and set up higher in Read More
  • Everything American. Renato's Return, Philli All-Stars and more +

    RETURN OF RENATO The return of Renato Ardoin has inspired the Philadelphia Americans into winning ways. The Americans have lost just one game since the return of the 8 time All-star, including a seven game current win streak. A broken arm forced Ardoin to miss the entire month of January, a dismal month for the Americans as they managed to win just three games without their superstar. This season the American's have won half of Read More
  • Archers Enjoy Springtime of Youth at Annual All Star Festivities +

    ANAHEIM, CA - As the OBWL descended on HSBC London Palace for the annual all star festivities, the Archers find themselves in an interesting predicament. "We're ahead of schedule," said General Manager Eric Stelle, "as initally forcasted, our coaching staff would have had enough time to get our group of young players together and develop them as a unit just in time to have many veteran contracts expire and perhaps pursue a free agent who could Read More
  • 1,000 +

    TORONTO, CA (AP) -- Despite 26 points and 16 rebounds from the OBWL's leading scorer and reigning MVP Charles Flowers, the Kansas City Pioneers managed to escape from Toronto with a 105-103 win over the Huskies. In a hard fought game that featured a clash between All Star big men in Flowers and the Pioneers' own Charles Cazares, it was sometimes-starting center Joe Turner who improbably won the game for Kansas City. With the game tied Read More
  • Dragoons fans losing hope +

    The Fort Worth Dragoons are at the bottom of the league in wins. Season ticket holders had expected a playoff run, but instead are looking at at team heading for the lottery. The staff continues to make roster and line up changes in hopes that wins may come. The Dragoons are 5-5 in the last ten games. Griffen has returned after a long injury recovery. The team is at full strength, but it may be Read More
  • London Midseason Report +

    With nearly half the season over, London is in a dogfight with Boston for the top spot in the National East division. The two teams are tied for the division lead with both splitting the head-to-head matchup so far. In a season where many viewed London as vulnerable, the Knights have held steady on the backs of their stalwarts, Val Crumley, Jean Larry and Jose Owens. Crumley remains one of the best floor generals in Read More
  • A Few Words With Gregory Santiago +

    On his recent contract extension: "Every year the same thing happens: in-demand top players declare they'll test for free agency. Several teams announce they're trying for him. Taunting happens between the GMs. And when Free Agency happens, they just re-sign with their current team because they can offer the largest contract. It's all so much drama. Lots of players seem to love drama; I know Lyn does. This way, I set the terms. Max value Read More
  • Chucks Blog Vol XVIII: Finally rebuilding. Well, sort of... +

    Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office. Fact check: Another year of failure lies behind our Denver Demons. A 2025 season that started with GM Klaus von Meyerinck anouncing two clearcut goals: gaining another 25 pounds and "rebuilding" the Read More
  • Dragoons' Hitch on the hot seat +

    The Dragoons owner likes to make profits and is normally quiet. When Blake Cain speaks, people listen. There are general managers in the league who believe it is in the best interest for the Dragoons General Manager to tank this season. Cain has never been one to worry about winning or losing. However, yesterday, he told the press that he is expecting improvements this season. "I do not put up with players and coaches not Read More
  • Dragoons season over already? +

    The Dragoons started the year at 3-5. The team is loaded with young talented players. Coach Kolby had anticipated a slow start as players learned how to play in the league. He knew it was take time for the game to slow down for the players. What he did not expect was one of his first round picks going out with an injury. This was followed by a second starter going down. Fort Worth has Read More
  • The 2026 Snipers +

    The Sacramento Snipers have started the season with a bang - pun intended - with a 4-0 beginning to what looks to be a hallmark year, and several predict the team to take the division... and who knows where that might lead? Lead by one of the best in the league right now (who already has a Player of the Week nod), this is without a doubt the best home team Sacramento has seen since becomeing a Read More
  • Could this be the year? +

    Portland, Or. It’s been a big off season in Portland, lets recap: The draft: With the highest pick in Lumberjack history at number 2, GM Trent went with the athletic specimen in SF Marcel Bradley, maybe not as talented as Byron Dambrosio who went at number 1, Bradley fits a need at small forward with the loss of Starting SF and will get lots of minutes. Second round selections of Brian Poteat and Gregory Thao Read More
  • Marauders Season Preview +

    The Minnesota Marauders are coming off a great season where they found themselves winning the division and making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. The team has made great strides in the past 2 seasons under, GM Jason Rouse, who has come in and completely changed the atmosphere to a winning culture. Once again pundits around the league have the Marauders finishing towards the bottom of the division which shows the lack of Read More
  • London Set for New Season +

    A new season is about to tip off and London has a chance to become the first three-peat champions in league history. The offseason has been relatively quiet as the front office weights paying up to keep the team intact versus waiting until this offseason when the contracts of franchise leader, Val Crumley, and star big man Jose Owens are up for renewal. In the end the team chose to reserve their cap. The results Read More
  • Dragoons ready to start the season +

    There are many questions for the Dragoons this year. They include: Can Granger be replaced? Will Motley stay with the team or be traded? Is the team a play off team? What will the starting line up look like? Will this team play an inside game or shoot from behind the arc? Is the team strong enough defensively to win any ball games? What kind of defense will you play? The Dragoons General Manager is Read More
  • Sharks Introduce New General Manager +

    The South Florida Sharks held an impromptu press conference today to announce that the team had promoted executive VP of Player Personnel and Development Tom Zarra to general manager. The move came as a bit of a surprise, considering the 7-foot former superstar has just one year of front office experience; but, as always, there was no lack of confidence from the former champion. "There weren't a lot of expectations here last year," Zarra said, Read More
  • Americans Lure Sniper, Set to Decline Options +

    Being over the salary cap coming into the free agency period the Americans had very few cards to play so they had to be wise about the way they spent their remaining cash. Philadelphia did have use of their MLE and LLE but their attention quickly turned to young journeyman center Gregory Brown. Both the Snipers and Brown himself seemed uninterested in a return to Sacramento and Philadelphia seized the opportunity to sign the young Read More
  • Lynwood Emmert and Some Other Guys Sign Contracts +

    With a lackluster draft - the Snipers had no picks - Free Agency is where the team needed to make all its decisions. And it made the most important one right off the bat: Lynwood Emmert signed a contract worth more than the entire Power Balance Pavillion. The 6 year, $119 million contract will keep Emmert on the team for the foreseeable future, because GM Noonan would probably be shot dead if he ever deigned to trade Read More
  • Pioneers 2026 Draft Recap +

    KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- Following the trade of All Star Mack Lavoie to the Manhattan Swing the Kansas City Pioneers found themselves with the #10 pick in the 2026 OBWL Rookie Draft, their highest draft pick since they drafted Marshall Gaudett with the 4th overall pick in 2015. Entering the draft the Pioneers were interested in adding a youthful wing to the roster and were rumored to have brought UNLV forward Gerald Mathers and San Read More
  • Muscle draftees could have immediate impact +

    After three consecutive playoff appearances, the Detroit Muscle entered the 2026 draft in the unfamiliar position of trying to find players who could have an immediate impact on the roster this year. Eschewing the team's normal focus on balanced players who don't get into foul trouble, the Muscle instead picked a pair of talented guards who have great motors and can put up some points, but have weaknesses on the defensive end and might have Read More
  • Goodbye and Hello +

    KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- The Kansas City Pioneers were surprisingly active on the eve of the 2026 OBWL Rookie Draft, announcing a trade that sent All Star Mack Lavoie to the Manhattan Swing in exchange for PF Johnnie Bechtel, SG Mark McKelvey, and the #10 overall pick.  The move marked the third offseason in a row that GM Ben Johnson has made a significant trade involving All Star caliber players.  In 2024, Johnson dealt Pioneers Read More
  • Research and Development in Philadelphia as the Knight Family Return +

    Arnulfo Goodwin has sold the Philadelphia Americans back to the Knight family for an undisclosed amount. Goodwin bought the team from Jerry Knight back in 2018 and after more than eight seasons of ownership and around $250 million dollars in profit Goodwin handed back ownership to Jerry Knight's older brother David. It's understood the Knight family were angered at Jerry Knights flash sale of the Americans back in 2018 and have pursued re-owning the team Read More
  • Draft Review from the Dragoons Camp +

    There was already a draft recap done, but I thought I would send out a little bit more from the Dragoons point of view. There is a daft every season. Each year, there are a million people acting as general managers from their couch. Each of these individuals believe they know what is best not only for their team and the needs of every other general manager in the league. Today, we will evaluate what Read More
  • Chaos Draft And Season Outlook +

    The LA Chaos barley made the playoffs last season and that is probably the only reason that GM Whetzel still has a job. LA didn't go far in postseason as they had to face Kansas City right out of the gate. KC finished them off in 5 games. That sent the Chaos back home to try to figure out what they can do to improve for 2026. The good news was that the Chaos held Read More
  • 2026 Rookie Draft Recap +

      2026 Rookie Draft Recap Many general managers question MAAC Freshman of Year Ambrose Vela's ability to transition to the pros and his stock fell sharply on draft day. Read More
  • 2026 OBWL Mock Draft +

      2026 OBWL Mock Draft Many OBWL scouts are predicting Maryland center Byron Dambrosio will join the Chicago Blaze as the #1 overall pick in the 2026 OBWL Rookie Draft. Read More
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