Portland Lumberjacks Press Releases

  • Lumberjacks lift off +

    Portland, OR. It’s been a long time since we have heard from Portland GM Trent, and for good reason. Although the Lumberjacks comically sit in the 8th spot in a terrible American conference, there is no disillusionment that things are suddenly sunny in Portland, its only always sunny in Philly, we all know that. With yet another losing record our opportunity to be to be humiliated by the Pioneers is more to the fact that other teams are falling down around them – The term used in Australia is called the Bradbury (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAADWfJO2qM please watch the link if you have not seen his amazing feat) It seems that The Bradbury is the inspiration behind the Portland GMs decision all along. What a Read More
  • To the fans. +

    Portland, Or. How do they do it? Those few fans that continue to turn up and support this team, 9 thousand of them in preseason. Their commitment and loyalty to this team can never be questioned, however, the mental state might be? When quizzed after the final preseason home game against the Marauders (a 110- 100 loss) here is what was shared. Why do you continue to come and support this team so passionately? We love the lumberjacks, this team here is like our babies, we have watched them grow up here in Portland. They have fumbled and stumbled around learning the life of an OBWL player, and now we finally start to see the fruit of the hard labour Read More
  • ready for lift off +

    Portland Or. After yet another extended off season, the Lumberjacks GM emerged from what can only be described as a scene from the end of ‘Into the Wild’. The Lumberjacks GM looked like he hadn’t slept in a month nor brushed his hair or trimmed his beard, to be honest it didn’t look like there was any serious attempt at personal hygiene and no one was really sure what to expect. After everyone had settled, there was an eerie silence, like nothing ever experienced in a Portland press conference, and boy have we sat through some bad ones. This was different, the picture we were looking at, the situation we are in and well really, the task ahead of yet Read More
  • And then that happened +

    Portland, Or. It all started with an and one, there wasn’t much in it at the time, just the usual black verse red scrimmage at preseason. In Portland, the red are always the young bloods, those under 25. The blacks over, however in recent times with the young average age of the Lumberjacks those ages were a little manipulated. Either way, it was young Kendall that stole the spot light, Even Carroll Warner the recipient of the foul, stopped to acknowledge what had just happened. Next was game simulation, Kendall went at whoever stood in his way, some days he would put people on a poster and others times he would be picking himself up off the floor, but during Read More
  • "I'm done" +

    Portland, Or. The old saying goes you can’t buy happiness, and well, for four seasons now it seemed that money could buy Albert Mitchell happiness. There was just no other way to explain it, the Hyped big signing of the 2021 FA off season had a list of suiters clamouring over him, Mitchell had just finished his hottest season, averaging 8.9 pts, 4.6 reb, 7 ast and a A/T 3.99. When the offers came, choose the Lumberjacks, a franchise that had hopes but not much else, oh yeah they had one other thing, cap space. He choose the dollars and not the sense, but seemed content. So content that over time as his minutes diminished, he would sit there some Read More
  • five for fun +

    Portland, Or. Here are the 5 moments of the off season that will shape the season for the Lumberjacks: 1. Staffing: Portland needed three new coaches and a scout this off season. It seems the situation is so dire the only person that didn’t jump ship was head coach Morris Broom. Asked what he thought of the empty offices over the off season Morris stated “ Best time of my life, music was cracked, pants were off, lights were dimmed, it was me time”. With the team so far removed from anything that resembles a professional organisation, maybe his time would have been better served do some work? Portland with the help of GM Trent finally managed to scrape together a Read More
  • A review with hope +

    Portland, Or. No, Portland fans, we have not arrived at the annual, hype train of preseason excitement after a hot new draft pick, new FA signing and a fresh group of expectations and unrealistic predictions from the out of touch GM Trent Meister. The hope comes in the form of first year Lumberjack player Charles Barnett. The SF played every game for the Lumberjacks and was a stand out all season long, Barnett single handily won them at least 10 of their 18 wins of the season. His final PER of 20.9 highlighted the importance he had on the season in Portland. Locked up for another three seasons beyond this one, it gives the Lumberjacks a centre piece to move Read More
  • More on Lynwood +

    Portland, Or. After reading the report that Lynwood Emmert will be facing a court case for trashing a hotel room over the all-star break in Anaheim, Aaron Todd and Terrence Latimer were seen laughing and hi fiving each other, with what appears to be a sense of the inevitable finally happening. When approached in the parking lot at Lumberjacks HQ, Terrance added “ Look, Lynwood is a star, he shines, bright. I just think in his own head, its brighter than reality”. SF Terrence and C Aaron were shipped off in a trade deadline deal that sent Kevin K (Special K as he was known in these parts) to the snipers in return for the pair, Tim Wood who has hit Read More
  • On our way to 20 +

    Portland, Or. With the all-star break upon us, let us take a moment and review where our Portland Lumberjacks sit. It’s not a surprise to anyone, to find the Lumberjacks yet again on the bottom of the pile, this was a young team, even with the FA signings, this team was going to struggle for the entirety of the season. Did we expect anything else? This season was about getting the young guys minutes, lots of them, and so far that is exactly what we have seen. The only down side to that is that the record matches this attitude. 11-38. Gee that is tough to type, but it is what it is. When the GM goes on record at Read More
  • 5 star review +

    Portland, Or. Portland Lumberjacks. Although the record, attendance and just everything associated with the Portland Lumberjack brand, there is a glimmer of hope, in order of lest hopeful to most here are our top 5. 5) The rooks; Andrew Lawler has been a breath of fresh air for the team this season. He has forced his way into the starting line-up and doesn’t look like losing it. Although moving next season’s evolution first for him is a stretch, he is displaying the types of qualities the front office saw in him pre-draft. The Russian, started in the OBWL before dropping down to the D league for more minutes, however production dropped so he will get bench minutes from here out Read More
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