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Fort Worth Dragoons Press Releases

  • Dragoons fans losing hope +

    The Fort Worth Dragoons are at the bottom of the league in wins. Season ticket holders had expected a playoff run, but instead are looking at at team heading for the lottery. The staff continues to make roster and line up changes in hopes that wins may come. The Dragoons are 5-5 in the last ten games. Griffen has returned after a long injury recovery. The team is at full strength, but it may be to late to make the playoffs. "Only this staff can screw everything up. First, they led us to believe this was a good team with talent to go into the playoffs. Now, they have a chance to draft first and they decide to start winning," Read More
  • Dragoons' Hitch on the hot seat +

    The Dragoons owner likes to make profits and is normally quiet. When Blake Cain speaks, people listen. There are general managers in the league who believe it is in the best interest for the Dragoons General Manager to tank this season. Cain has never been one to worry about winning or losing. However, yesterday, he told the press that he is expecting improvements this season. "I do not put up with players and coaches not giving their best. These fans pay good money to come see our team play every night. This team will not tank. They will play hard and improve or changes will happen somewhere," the owner stated. What does this mean for Hitch? If the team tanks, Read More
  • Dragoons season over already? +

    The Dragoons started the year at 3-5. The team is loaded with young talented players. Coach Kolby had anticipated a slow start as players learned how to play in the league. He knew it was take time for the game to slow down for the players. What he did not expect was one of his first round picks going out with an injury. This was followed by a second starter going down. Fort Worth has lost 11 straight games and are 1-11 since Ibanez went down with the injury. He has seen spot duty in the last two games after disconnecting his shoulder. His injury was anticipated for 29 days. On top of that Griffen is expected out another 50 Read More
  • Dragoons ready to start the season +

    There are many questions for the Dragoons this year. They include: Can Granger be replaced? Will Motley stay with the team or be traded? Is the team a play off team? What will the starting line up look like? Will this team play an inside game or shoot from behind the arc? Is the team strong enough defensively to win any ball games? What kind of defense will you play? The Dragoons General Manager is responsible for putting the team together. In theory, he gets the guys that his second year coach, Koby Kurzyna, can utilize. Some would argue that last years team tanked the last part of the season to secure a good draft pick. Others would say the Read More
  • Draft Review from the Dragoons Camp +

    There was already a draft recap done, but I thought I would send out a little bit more from the Dragoons point of view. There is a daft every season. Each year, there are a million people acting as general managers from their couch. Each of these individuals believe they know what is best not only for their team and the needs of every other general manager in the league. Today, we will evaluate what really happened in the draft. There was no surprise with the number one pick. Chicago Blaze took C Byron Dambrosio. The big man from Maryland goes to a team that is still in rebuild mode. Can he be the superstar to change the fate of Read More
  • Dragoons get Christmas Gift +

    The Dragoons General Manager Kevin Hitch got an early Christmas gift this week. Fort Worth went into the lottery with the sixth worst record. They came out with the third overall pick in this years upcoming draft. Hitch has built through the draft. Last year was supposed to be the year that Fort Worth made it back to the playoffs, but the team did not get there. The last few draft picks are as follows: 2022 pick 6 SF Baranowksi 2023 pick 9 PG Cottingham 2024 pick 8 PF Budd 2025 pick 15 SF Lett Motley will start be the fourth starter playing shooting guard with Lett coming off the bench. It is expected that Hitch will take the best Read More
  • Dragoons Hopeful +

    Fans are still hopeful that the Dragoons can secure the last playoff spot in the conference. However, they lost an important game to the Muscle just a few days ago. A game that had meaning for the team and they just feel flat on their faces with against them. It was a 24 point loss. Now, they will have to beat good competition. The team is two games down heading into the last week of competition. The team could tank and secure a possible lottery spot or they can compete and not make the playoffs. Early season rumors had Fort Worth trying to leave town in the years to come. It is possible the fans and owner may want them Read More
  • Still hope? +

    Is there any hope for the Dragoons this year? There was plenty of hope at the beginning of the year. The team is young and full of solid players. It appears that they struck gold with this years first round pick, Lett. Fort Worth is just 2.5 games out of a playoff spot. However, the team has gone 4-15 in their last 19 games. This has led to the lack of hope to get into the playoffs. After all, their is eleven teams ahead of them in the conference. If the season ended today, General Manager Hitch would have the fifth overall draft pick. So, should the team tank and build again in the draft? Can the team win enough Read More
  • Dragoons still trying to find continued success +

    The Dragoons General Manager will look to an old face to bring success to his team.  Fort Worth is in the playoff hunt at 10-13. Hitch decided to cut Charles Banks who was not getting much playing time this year.  He claimed Jose Peters off the waivers.  He was originally drafted with the eight pick in the second round by Fort Worth in 2019 and played through 2023.  He is a double digit scorer.  Hitch is hoping he can get some scoring off the bench with Peters.  There is not much risk if the signing fails.     Read More
  • Dragoons start of season +

    The Dragoons have been quite in the off season. With only about 7 million to spend in free agency, Fort Worth was not expected to be a major player. Before the draft, General Manager Hitch made a trade with the Sharks. He traded a second round pick for Budde. He is a former Mr. Basketball and was a first round pick last year. Hitch felt Budde would be better than any second rounder he could draft this year. With the 15th overall pick in this years draft, Fort Worth added Earl Lett. Lett grew up in Austin, Texas and played for the University of Texas. He wanted to stay close to home and Fort Worth meets those wants. Many feel Read More
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