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Postby Eric - Archers GM » Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:05 pm

I have initialized the off season.  A few items:

1.) GM Check In - Our annual check in survey is now live.  Please go to this link and complete the survey: ... the HoF ballot is a doozy!

2.) Budgets - Owners have had their say and new budget figures have been released.  Your tears are delicious.

3.) Staff Hiring - I will look to start the staff hiring on Monday 10/05 at 10 PM eastern.  From there, we will conduct lightning rounds on subsequent phases.  For those who don't remember, that means the next sim will run approximately 12 hours from the completion of the last one (give or take as my schedule permits).  GET YOUR STAFF ORDERS IN FOR ROUND 1 because, as you all should know by now, the best staff goes fast.

4.) Subsequent rounds will be held at my discretion.  October is going to be very busy for me but I'll endeavor to keep things moving.  It might not be at quite the same frantic pace but I'll definitely not stall.

5.) Points earned in the 2026-2027 season (the one before this) are going to expire if you have not used them already.  For a list of options on what can be done with earned points or, for questions on how to earn points in the first place, please see the rule book at the website under League > Rulebook.

6.) Draft List - The draft list will be imported when staff hiring is complete.  The draftees presently there are NOT the current draft list.  I will announce the draft list update in a separate email.

Please feel free to post questions to the #general channel in Slack as my attention is going to have many pulls on it this month.  That may mean I get to your PM's slower than normal so I'm croudsourcing questions. :slightly_smiling_face:  We've all done off season a zillion times so please leverage your fellow GMs first.  Most rule based questions that you'll ask have been asked & answered before.  Should you get stymied, please feel free to tag me in a thread or email me.

On with the off season!  
Eric Stelle
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B) Follow the prescribed guidelines.
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