• 2020 AmCon Finals Preview
  • 2020 NatCon Finals Preview
  • 2020 AmCon Round 2 Preview


2020 AmCon Finals Preview

2020 Goodrum 01
Hunter Heath of the Tritons and Daniel Goodrum of the Sun Kings will be key role players during the American Conference Finals.
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2020 NatCon Finals Preview

2020 Kurzyna 01
Can Angel Kurzyna and the Thunderbirds upset the #1 seeded London Knights?
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2020 AmCon Round 2 Preview

2020 Richardson 02
The Pioneers' defense on All Star Dong Richardson will be key in the 2nd round of the American Conference playoffs.
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Featured Stories

  • Imperators New Season Hopes

    Last year Kollin Hitch was not very active with his team. Many fans and GMs wondered what happened to him. We have breaking news. The OBDL News did an investigation. Inside sources are reporting that Hitch was knocked out by one of is assistant coaches. The assistant coach threw a brick at Hitch's head. This caused Kollin to go in to a coma. (in real life I had a concussion) Kollin was in a coma Read More
  • Imperators season

    GM Kollin Hitch completed his first season with the Imperators. His team went 37 - 43 and missed the playoffs by 9 games. The season before GM Hitch came they went 37- 43 and got 4th in the division but this season the team finished 5th. That shows that the division got better this year. He was hoping to improve the record from the season before but did not do to 2 injuries and Zachary Roush Read More
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Latest Comments

  • Eric Stelle 28.06.2017 21:26
    X2 ... truly top shelf work Travis!


  • Jian 26.06.2017 23:39
    Amazing art!


AmEast Newswire

  • Invaders lock up #3 seed +

    Indianapolis, Indiana> The battle for home court in the American Conference had been hotly contested throughout the season with the Archers, Dragoons, Blackjacks, Sun Kings and Invaders constantly jockeying for Read More
  • Invaders a Buyer at Trade Deadline +

    Indianapolis, Indiana> Much like draft day when the Invaders made 2 unexpected moves with the SeaDogs and the Inferno, the Invaders made a move that seemingly came out of left Read More
  • Richardson with career high, quiet towards media +

    St.Louis, MO - "They took a swing of the Dong, that's all I will say about it." When Sunkings Power Forward Dong Richardson was asked about his career high performance in Read More
  • Hall Gets Call to Start AS Game +

    Indiana, Indianapolis> Cleveland Hall was recognized for his strong 1st half performance with the chance to start the all star game for the AmCon squad. The SG position has been Read More
  • Exclusive shoe deal +

    Well this season for the Blaze has been a complete disaster. Nothing has worked from the new coach all the way to the FA signings... So who or what is Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Out In The First Once Again +

    For the third time in a row, the LA Chaos faced the Tampa Bay Tritons in the first round of the playoffs. For the third time in a row, the Read More
  • EXIT interview GM Trent +

    Portland, Or. With a record of 15-65, one less win that last year, you would think that GM Trent would want to flee town asap. However the still relatively young Read More
  • Archers Enter Playoffs in "Unique" Position +

    ST LOUIS, MO - Like clockwork the machine in Anaheim has cranked out yet another fifty win season but as the regular season closes and eyes turn to the playoffs, the Read More
  • Pioneers Pilfer #1 Seed in AmCon +

    LAS VEGAS, NV (AP) -- Darell Edwards had 33 points (8-14 fgs, 5-7 3fgs, 12-14 fts), 6 assists, and 4 steals to lead the Kansas City Pioneers to a come-from-behind win Read More
  • Dragoons getting healthy, maybe? +

    Newhous, the Dragoons center, has stated that he wanted to be back before the season ended. He has hinted that he wants to be back to play the Archers. It Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • Knights Defeat Huskies, Advance to Conference Finals +

    London advanced to the conference finals for the second time in as many years as they defeated Toronto in seven games. As expected it was a tough, back and forth Read More
  • Campbell Named 2020 Team MVP, Sources Question Future +

    5/17/2021: Boston, MA -- The surprise acquisition of the then 28 year old All-Star center Malik Campbell from the Philadelphia Americans no doubt charged up the entire Boston Buzzard fan base Read More
  • Knights Into the Second Round +

    The London Knights defeated the Manhattan Swing 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs. While many thought the Knights would breeze into the second round, Coach Shay knew better. Read More
  • Huskies take Coyotes 4 straight in first round +

    Toronto took on the Quebec Coyotes in round one of this year’s playoff and took them in 4 straight games. In the first game the Huskies won 122-121 in a Read More
  • London Wins Division Title +

    The London Knights finished the regular season with a franchise record 62 wins and won their second division title in team history. The Knights started off slow and was a Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Thunderbirds GM Sends Banners to Buzzards After Game 7 Victory +

    Just when everyone thought the beef between Thunderbirds GM Nick Simpson and Buzzards GM Jason Warnke might be over, Simpson decided to stir the pot by purchasing banners and having Read More
  • GM Out? +

    The GM currently sits in a private estate mansion in his home town of Perth, Western Australia after returning home to his native country the day after the Marauders regular Read More
  • Thunderbirds Head Coach Zaro Wins Coach of the Year Award +

    Thunderbirds Head Coach Reilly Zaro was awarded the Coach of the Year award on Thursday after helping the Thunderbirds claim their second straight National West division title and achieving the Read More
  • Thunderbirds Claim Second Straight Division Title +

    The Arizona Thunderbirds wrapped up their second straight National West division championship, finishing twelve games ahead of the Seattle SeaDogs. The 56 total wins was the highest under current GM Read More
  • Gibson Sits With Thomas Vanviking +

    THOMAS VANVIKING Chief Sports Editor Minnesota boss Steve Gibson has been somewhat low key in recent months. A rugged season from the start, software malfunctions and personal struggles has forced Read More
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