• Great Expectations
  • 2019 Rookie Report: Early Returns
  • 2019 Lottery Mock Draft


Great Expectations

2019 Witherspoo 01
Superstar David Witherspoo has the South Florida Sharks headed in the right direction.
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2019 Rookie Report: Early Returns

2019 Watts 01
Rookie center David Watts is off to a very strong start for the red-hot Boston Buzzards.
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2019 Lottery Mock Draft

2019 Spurlock 01
Will Penn State freshman Joe Spurlock go #1 overall in the 2019 OBWL Rookie Draft?
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Featured Stories

  • Imperators season

    GM Kollin Hitch completed his first season with the Imperators. His team went 37 - 43 and missed the playoffs by 9 games. The season before GM Hitch came they went 37- 43 and got 4th in the division but this season the team finished 5th. That shows that the division got better this year. He was hoping to improve the record from the season before but did not do to 2 injuries and Zachary Roush Read More
  • Crew eye playoffs

    Hyannis, MA (AP) - The Cape Cod Crew have lost PF Jason Luker to a broken foot injury for the rest of the season, and foreseeably the opening round of the playoffs. Yet, this team, with all the front office changes, roster changes, and injuries, continue to focus on their number one goal, which is the playoffs and winning the OBDL championship. Yes, Luker has been a big anchor at the post and on the boards Read More
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  • Dominik Jenewein 03.10.2016 03:06
    0 double seven, comedy gold as always ;)


  • Dominik Jenewein 03.10.2016 03:03
    Oh I love rivalries ;)


AmEast Newswire

  • Blaze Make a Deal +

    The Blaze have traded David Burnham Jr. and would like to thank him for his 12 years with the team (though his records for the first 9 disappeared). Over the Read More
  • SunKings Trade Fiesta +

    St. Louis, MO - December is often brought in connection with pre-christmas hectics and stress. OBWL wise, this is enhanced by thje fact that December 15th is the first day of Read More
  • St.Louis To Blow Up Squad +

    St.Louis - Things change. This applies also to the St. Louis SunKings franchise since GM Jenewein took over control. Done are the times of sitting around and watching the team lose. Read More
  • Blaze welcome new signee and other news. +

    The Chicago Blaze would like to welcome new signing Chester “The Molester” Maines. That is the name that Coach Ervin Dickinson gave him after seeing him play defense during his Read More
  • SunKings Hire Jenewein As GM +

    St.Louis, MO - In what came as no real surprise, the St. Louis SunKings announced the hiring of former Sacramento Snipers GM Dominik Jenewein as their new General Manager. Jenewein, who Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Chaos Midseason Report +

    Here we are at the All-Star break and the Chaos are sitting in the middle of the pack of playoff contenders. Many wondered if bringing Everett Dolinish to LA was Read More
  • Dragoons make moves +

    The Dragoons decided to make a trade hours after NPSE reported that a trade was about to happen. Their reports had not mentioned London as being a trade partner. Susie, Read More
  • Rumors in Ft. Worth +

    Rumors are flying in Texas. It is rumored that General Manager Hitch is fielding offers for his players and also making offers to other teams. NPSE, the sports talk show, Read More
  • Dragoons in trouble +

    The Fort Worth Dragoons look like a mess. General Manager Hitch has been seen scratching his head many times this year. His team has under performed all year. The team Read More
  • Banana Bender Provides Mixed Dividends +

    ANAHEIM, CA - Calendars have changed over to 2019 and the OBWL approaches the halfway mark. With 32 games played (32 on the road), the Archers find themselves in the same Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • A January to Forget +

    New York - As if things weren't already in shambles with the Swing, we add another kink in the cog. During the 2nd quarter of the game with the Kansas City Read More
  • This Is Not a Love Song +

    NEW JERSEY - The season of the Enforcers is a disappointment. If you consider the Titanic a disappointment. Or KvM's latest diet. The Enforcers stand at 15-26 - and they got nothing Read More
  • Matt Torres Traded +

    "I'm getting itchy, think we need to make a trade." and thats supposedly how it all started. The London Knights traded Matt Torres and 4 others (Daniel Black, Michael Sickler, Read More
  • When it rains, it pours. +

    New York - As if things weren't already in turmoil in Manhattan, the injury bug has bitten the Swing again. 10 days ago Thomas Stanley broke his foot, Stewart Askew looks Read More
  • Stanley Injured +

    New York - News out of Manhattan looks grim for SG Thomas Stanley. During a home game against the San Diego Storm, Stanley suffered a non-contact injury running the floor with Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • "Unknown" tire slasher shocks Demons' players +

    Denver, CO. Looking for a classy guy in Denver? Try Arnulfo Milner. Ever since the SF/SG veteran came in via trade Milner showed nothing but class. On and off court. Read More
  • Will KvM end Denver's hot streak? +

    Denver, CO. Are things starting to finally look a bit brighter for the Denver Demons? Well, you could think so, but as usual, desaster is looming around the corner. At Read More
  • Lights Out Bordo +

    It's been a great fortnight of Basketball for Minnesota playing solid basketball on the their home court which has been capped off by Andrew Bordo being named player of the Read More
  • Can "Stewart" Granger help? +

    Denver, CO. And the revolving door goes on and on. Just two days before the beginning of the year 2020 the Denver Demons pulled the trigger in an already critisized Read More
  • Booker wants Lucier back, Gibson says no +

    By Thomas Vanviking Chief Sports Writer, Minneapolis Mail Gibson has slammed the door shut on Isaiah Booker's plead to have Elroy Lucier return to the starting 5 as soon as Read More
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