• AmCon 2020 Season Preview
  • Buy, Hold, Sell: NatCon 2020
  • How to be a Shark


AmCon 2020 Season Preview

2020 Long 01
Newly acquired center Ronald Long helps solidify the Stallions' frontcourt in the rapidly-changing American Conference.
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Buy, Hold, Sell: NatCon 2020

2020 Kamensky 01
High-scoring forwards Motya Kamensky and Charles Flowers will make the Huskies a contender in the NatCon again this season.
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Free Agency 2020: How to be a Shark

All Star center Malik Campbell will be a big target for several teams in free agency.
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Featured Stories

  • Imperators New Season Hopes

    Last year Kollin Hitch was not very active with his team. Many fans and GMs wondered what happened to him. We have breaking news. The OBDL News did an investigation. Inside sources are reporting that Hitch was knocked out by one of is assistant coaches. The assistant coach threw a brick at Hitch's head. This caused Kollin to go in to a coma. (in real life I had a concussion) Kollin was in a coma Read More
  • Imperators season

    GM Kollin Hitch completed his first season with the Imperators. His team went 37 - 43 and missed the playoffs by 9 games. The season before GM Hitch came they went 37- 43 and got 4th in the division but this season the team finished 5th. That shows that the division got better this year. He was hoping to improve the record from the season before but did not do to 2 injuries and Zachary Roush Read More
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Latest Comments

  • Dominik Jenewein 20.03.2017 15:50
    Good to see some activity out of Chicago again ...


  • Eric Stelle 06.03.2017 17:20


AmEast Newswire

  • Cantell to Detroit +

    The Detroit Muscle are starved for offense. In 2018, the Muscle scored 96.8 ppg, "good" for 13th in the conference and 22nd overall in the OBWL. They missed the playoffs. Read More
  • Blaze Early season update +

    The season started out disastorous for the Blaze after the first 7 games of the season, going 0-7, losing 2 of the games by 1 point. Since that point the Read More
  • Sunkings Draft To Early Season Review +

    St.Louis, MO - With their 1st round pick traded in exchange for Frank Williams, the Sunkings weren't looking too much at the rookie class of this years draft. They ended up Read More
  • Sunkings Appoint New Headcoach +

    St.Louis, MO - With the whole coaching staff expiring, the Sunkings management had to be busy in offseason. After 3 seasons with Dalton Redd as headcoach, the Sunkings appointed former Boston Read More
  • Muscle 2020 Season Preview +

    It has been a long time in the wilderness for the Detroit Muscle, since they last were in serious competition for a playoff position in the 2016 season. A combination Read More
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AmWest Newswire

  • Dont let the doot hit you on the way out +

    Portland, Or. An unnamed source has given us this information on the last and possibly most explosive conversation GM Trent had with Mack Lavoie, a conversation that took place just Read More
  • Dont let the doot hit you on the way out +

    Portland, Or. An unnamed source has given us this information on the last and possibly most explosive conversation GM Trent had with Mack Lavoie, a conversation that took place just Read More
  • Are the Dragoons for real? +

    The Dragoons were a big disappointment last year. The General Manager, Kevin Hitch, believed that coaches and players lost focus doing interviews. This year, he requested that his team only Read More
  • First six pack of the season +

    Portland, Or. Even the most loyal and passionate Lumberjacks fan couldn’t have imagined their team sitting at 6 wins at this early stage of the season, this pen book rebuild Read More
  • Colby Allan Signs 4-year, $62.9 Million Extension +

    FORT WORTH, TX (AP) -- Hours after signing a lucrative multi-year contract extension, fourth year guard Colby Allan scored a game-high 39 points (13-25 fgs, 7-9 3fgs, 6-6 fts) to lead Read More
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NatEast Newswire

  • Frank McGehee returns to Quebec +

    The Quebec Coyotes have traded for SG Frank McGehee and some expiring contracts (SG William Wilson,PF Rolando Sturgell and C John Penley) heading out of town are PF Rich Marshall,SG Read More
  • Knights Start Slow, Fitzwater Traded +

    The season is almost a quarter of the way in and the Knights are sitting at a disappointing 8-8 record. The team has looked both brilliant and amateurish at times. Read More
  • Coyotes off season +

    After an off season that saw the departure of SG Frank McGehee through free agency and letting go the likes off Noah Dewell,Loren Pepper,and Gus McCulloch, the Coyotes needed to Read More
  • London Offseason Wrap up +

    The London Knights had a quiet offseason. In contrast to last year, when the team traded for Trevon Booth and moved up to draft Jose Owens, the only major move Read More
  • Full Training Camp Report - Manhattan Swing +

    New York- With a new regime in coaching comes a new style in grading players first year Coach, Fidel Pelaez, is trying a rating system to see which players are Read More
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NatWest Newswire

  • Tricky KvM aims at Fore and shoots Hardee +

    Denver. And all of a sudden it was poker night in Denver again. And Richard "Tricky Dick" Hardee, PF of the Demons and infamous for emptying his teammates pockets over Read More
  • Welcome to Minnesota. BOOM +

    "Let's get this thing rolling" were Layne Hensley's final words to his squad before the game against Las Vegas in his strong southern accent. It's a common statement that the Read More
  • Denver: 0-2 and two injured at locker room brawl +

    Denver. Locker room fight in Denver: While the Demons started with back to back losses against the Huskies and got eaten alive on court by Charles Flowers, the really disturbing Read More
  • Storm 2020 Draft Recap +

    SAN DIEGO - Storm had a pretty decent draft in 2020, they entered the draft with only one pick. Storm traded away their former number 1 pick, Severin Saulter for the Read More
  • KvM arrested in 'Nam - War within the team +

    Denver/Madrid/Ho Chi Minh City. The war is over. Is it? No, it looks like the war is on. Consequently there has to be a winner and a loser. While one Read More
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